Sunday, January 17, 2010

Extremists Fail In Attempt To Turn Ignatieff

Well, for once, while Liberal Leader, Michael Ignatieff sticks to the right position.  Gotta congratulate him on that.

He risks, to his ballsy credit, alienating the Hard Left faction of the Liberal Party and driving Liberal support to the also-Leftist NDP and Greens, not to mention the Communist-led, Alberta-hating Bloc Quebecois.

Good on Iggy to politely tell the Greenpeace hardcore-ideological lunatics they're wrong.

It remains to be seen whether Iggy will maintain his oilsands-are-good position.  There's always the potential for the Leftist majority in the Liberal Party to win and force his hand.  Will he let them?

But still, there is one problem with Iggy.  HE'S IN THE LIBERAL PARTY!

One can't avoid questioning the judgement of anyone who'd want to be in the Liberal Party, not to mention be its leader.  For all his reputation of being a smarty-dude, in this respect, he's a complete idiot.

He'd be better off as a Conservative.  Then he wouldn't be forced to compromise his honestly-held views by intolerant Hard-Left extremists as there are in the Liberal Party.

Then again, perhaps he only agreed to be a Liberal because he wants to be the leader and wants to be the Prime Minister.  After all, he obviously couldn't be either of those things for quite a while, had he gone to the Conservatives instead.  Perhaps his being a Liberal is purely opportunistic.  He saw an opening to immediately be a bigwig, not wanting to take time to get there.  He sees himself hopefully moving into 24 Sussex Drive in a hurry, owing to the fact of his not being a spring chicken anymore.

Notwithstanding the recent ties in the polls (thanks to the temporarily devastating combination of the Big Old Media's obsessive bashing of the Tories, plus the excessively scary, unrealistic Liberal attack ads) between the Tories and Grits, don't expect Iggy to become Prime Minister, or even remain Liberal leader for too long.  No doubt, the Tory lead will come back.  Oh, yes, guaranteed, barring an unexpected Tory catastrophe that would favor the Liberal Party by lucky default.

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