Wednesday, January 20, 2010

'Dr. No' Appointed To Rein In Spending
 Remember all the nasty stuff the Left said about Stockwell Day?
Well, remind them.  If they want to balance Canada's books, they already know that Mr. Day's the man to be "mean-spirited" enough to do the difficult job!
Yep.  Who better than someone who's been blasted more than any other as a "hard-rightwing fundamentalist" to eliminate the deficit and put Canada back on the road to the elimination of her debt?
Oh, don't tell me that the Left no longer cares about balancing the books, just 'cause they, owing to their crippling mental disorder of Leftism, want to spite, yet again, Mr. Day?
Well, the Left can go away and gaily play with themselves and each other.
Canada's future is in good hands, with Mr. Day as Treasurer Guy and with Mr. Harper as Mr. Big.

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“I think we'll be hearing two words: no and no,” Mr. Day told reporters after his appointment at Rideau Hall.

His promotion is the latest stage in a comeback for the Okanagan-Coquihalla MP whose political career was scorched in 2000 and 2001 when, as leader of the Canadian Alliance, he lost a federal election and then a leadership contest – to Stephen Harper.

Incidentally, I, purely by chance, met Mr. Day just before all hell broke loose in 2000, bumping into him unexpectedly... and I know an honest person who will do the right thing, when I make eye contact with them.  It was, as I told him, "an honor, sir", and I'm pleased with his latest appointment.
Mr. Harper and his office went out of their way to underline the importance of Mr. Day's appointment Tuesday – effort which suggest the Treasury Board post is being elevated in importance. It also signals that the Prime Minister's Office has decided it can't rely solely on Finance Minister Jim Flaherty to preach restraint.

The Prime Minister noted that Mr. Day has “distinguished himself in every portfolio he has held” and predicting he will play a “critical role in overseeing government expenditures.”
Also, the Conservatives are asking Canadians how to go about reining in spending.  

Better than what the Liberals under Chretien-Martin did, which wasn't what Canadians wanted, ie. cheating by offloading the cuts onto the Provinces and onto healthcare, eductation, the Canadian Forces... whilst boosting the Liberal Party's own fortunes by the billions via those mysterious "foundations", boondoggles and, finally, the last nail in their coffin, ADSCAM...


Jen said...

Guess what? Ted Morton(fire-wall guy) remember him, well, he is now Stelmach finance minister. YESSEREE!!! This guy will tell Quebec where to put it especially when the ungratefull quebec under CHAREST has insulted their own bread and butter 'oilsands' in the international scene.
Stockwell Day also worked under Ralph Klein. this is something to see.
Quebec comes calling " we want more money"
"Really!" where have you done with all those billions of dollars which you got from the 'dirty' oilsands as you call it and from then, have province, Ontario. Where?" "Go and ask Danny Williams, he has money."

CS, I just had to throw this in

Jen said...

It was Stockwell Day who uncovered the Liberals corruption in Chretien days, the sherinigan etc; Stock paid the prized for it and up to this day the media can't mention this to the public. Had he not investigated the corruption, the LPOC will be still there with their silenced media.
And remember when the media humilated Stock instead of praising him. the only thing that kept Stockwell going is his 'FAITH IN GOD'

Maybe Stockwell Day will remind and probably demand the $40 million from the Liberals. I am sure Stockwell has a list of liberals expenditures in his profile. which you and I can easily figure it out.

BTW, did you see Glenn yesterday? He was fantastic, he talked about the meaning of the word the american liberals have surrended too "PROGESSIVE' a chilling tale he gave reminds me of the OPPOSITION PARTIES IN CANADA.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Well, as I indicated in an earlier thread, I didn't see Glenn Beck 'cause I don't get FOX News (or cable). Poor, poor, pitiful me, eh? Oh, well, at least I've go the internet... :)

But I'm sure he kicked ass, as usual.