Thursday, January 21, 2010

US Loses "Free" Economic Status Under Obamacracy

I warned of this sort of thing during the 2008 Presidential campaign.

I warned that Obama and the Democrats are dangerous neo-communists.

One year later, things look hopeless under the "hope 'n' change" folks.

Now look at what happened since my, and many others', warnings went unheeded on November 4th, 2008.
Yesterday, just one year after President Barack Obama took office, we released the 16th edition of the Index of Economic Freedom in both Hong Kong and Washington. Once again, it provides empirical evidence that economic freedom is the pathway to prosperity.

The good news is that despite the global economic crisis, the overall level of global economic freedom remained about the same. Some countries improved while others declined.

The bad news is that the United States is one of the economies that declined. For the first time since we began measuring economic freedom, the United States fell out of the top tier of free economies into a lower “mostly free” tier, now ranked with countries like Belgium, Botswana and Sweden. The United States came in dead last among the 20 major economies of the world.

Why? The bailouts, massive stimulus spending, and other dangerous interventionist decisions in Washington since 2008 are hamstringing our economy and costing jobs—85,000 jobs in December alone, and 3.4 million since this time last year. 

Welcome to the United Socialist States of Obamerica. 



Watcher said...

The massive government spending and debt load should scare the stuffings out of everyone. The business class has been vilified and is looked on as a cash cow by the administration. Is it any wonder why they are holding back on any job creation with the spectre of health care taxes, cap and trade taxes and flavour-of-the-day taxes hanging over them. This is what happens when less than 10 per cent of the people running the show have ever worked in private industry.

Jen said...

Glenn Beck spoke in a worry tone about the 'future' of the UNITED STATES under a group "PROGESSIVE" that is slowly eating away the meaning of DEMOCRAT. These Progressive people are dangerous, they are supporters of MAO, and many others like him(names slipped from my memory bank).

Glenn will host a show on FRIDAY, TODAY, called 'LIVE FREE OR DIE'
take a look at the show CS.

What we have and must do is PRAY and Pray hard for the united states and CANADA.
Why? what affects USA affects CANADA.

glasnost said...

I agree with Jen, CS you must start watching Glenn Beck; he's almost as outspoken and entertaining as you.

Jen said...

Glenn Beck