Monday, January 11, 2010

Double Standard Applied: China, North Korea & Human Rights

Why is it that China gets off the hook completely for its lack of respect for its citizens' human rights, enjoying appalling favors from the Free World...

...while North Korea is told that they must respect human rights if there's to be any talks with the United States?

I'll tell you why this double standard is being applied.

Money.  Cheap labor.  Cheap consumer goods.

China's got it all.  North Korea?  Nope.

China can abuse the Chinese howsoever it pleases, but the US is telling NK to respect human rights or forget about talks?

Why not tell China the same, too?  Why not tell China that if it doesn't respect the human rights of the Chinese, then the US will stop doing business with China altogether?

A case for ending doing business with China is here.

Since 2000, the U.S. manufacturing sector has lost approximately 4 million manufacturing jobs, nearly 25 percent of the total manufacturing workforce, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

While economists argue not all these jobs were lost to outsourcing, U.S. multinational corporations have invested heavily in transferring manufacturing to China.
Exporting manufacturing jobs to China to boost profits at home isn't in America's long-term interest, obviously.  The result is the loss of millions of jobs, which weren't replaced, and don't appear as if they will be replaced in the future, as long as things remain as they are!

Why, oh, why... don't our politicians do the right thing?  They disappoint me.

Why doesn't the Left and the Big Old Media push for the right thing to be done?  Hmm?  I guess the Left and the Big Old Media aren't any better than the greedy corporations that exported millions of America's well-paying manufacturing jobs to dirt-cheap-labor China.

If it were up to me, I'd give the Chinese government an ultimatum:  Respect the Chinese Peoples' human rights immediately, or we'll pull our business out and take them home.

Guaranteed the Communists will not do it, so the jobs would then have to come home.

Wishful thinking, I know.  But it simply cannot go on the way it's going.  Absolutely not.

Same goes for Canada.  We've lost manufacturing jobs to China, too.  Willingly, I might add...

It's just like if it were the later part of the Great Depression, and we've lost millions of jobs to Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.  And we're too busy counting the profits to worry that they're going to attack us and try to take over our countries...

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