Thursday, January 07, 2010

Law & Order: Double Standard

Nope, it's not a new show, but it might as well be the new name for an existing one.

Story of the double standard here.

In this particular episode, a Catholic priest molests boys and the Church covers it all up. The script offers a politically correct delicacy in which the seal of confession is portrayed as a vile rule created by horrid men for the purpose of institutionalizing abuse and tyranny. There are no complexities, nothing to be said about the sacredness and importance of a priest having the obligation of keeping a confessed sin a secret. It’s all just so simple and, of course, evil.

Suffice it to say that the subject of this show is a reality in terms of the abuse of young boys by certain Catholic priests and its subsequent cover-up. These crimes have been investigated, exposed, and punished. And they should continue to be investigated, exposed, and punished. So as the topic for a show on television, it’s clearly warranted and legitimate.

But to suggest that all Catholic priests are guilty is a crock, as is the premise that the guilty did what they did because of, and not in spite of, Catholic teachings. Aside from the legitimate argument (that I hold as a Catholic) that forced celibacy is part of the problem since it could attract questionable people and also engender sexual frustration that may lead to abuse, Catholicism itself is not the fertile soil for, and the sanctioning of, sexual abuse by men of young boys — which the episode in question slanderously implies.

In any case, I now wonder: when will Law & Order: SVU, for the sake of intellectual diversity and political balance, do a show on Islam with the same paradigm of lethal criticism? For instance, when will it do a show about an Islamic “honor” killing on American soil, which is happening with increasing frequency, and then have discussions between the characters about how the ingredients of Islamic theology inspire and sanction this monstrosity being perpetrated against Muslim women (i.e., female sexuality and freedom are demonized; women are men’s property, Koran 2:223; men are mandated to beat their disobedient wives, Koran 4:34; etc.)?

There's other examples of the double standard on L&O on the second page, too, just in case you missed that there's two pages.  On that page, the topic is rape.  In fact, rape is encouraged and incited by Islam in the Koran, and lots of Muslim men commit rape against non-Muslim women for this very reason.  Why not do a show about the real-life Muslims who go around raping non-Muslim women just because they refuse to cover their heads?  After all, this happens a lot, and all the time, everywhere in the world.  Don't Leftists care?  Or is it only bad when men belonging to certain groups (ie. non-Muslim) perpetuate the rapes?  Don't Leftists care about the women who are raped and violated by Muslim men in the name of Islam?  Or do they prefer to put their fingers into their ears and repeat "It doesn't happen, it doesn't happen, and you're a hater, an Islamophobe!"?

You can tell what kind of folks are behind the stories by analyzing the stories themselves.  Clearly the folks behind L&O; are Leftists who hate and bash Christianity and fear and leave alone Islam.

If Leftists aren't going to be fair and give Islam and Muslims equally inconvenient treatment, then they should stop doing what they do to Christians.  But I don't hold my breath, for to abandon the practice of double standards would require a rejection of their own "religion" of Leftism, so it's probably not going to happen.


Jen said...

I msay be off a limb. but, this show and shows like it that is branching off from their invention into condemnation ridicule against christianity sounds to me like a 'jihad' in shows now.

Kez Creates said...

I can not decide what they are trying to do with L&O lol. I like the main one and SVU despite the political messages, what can I say - I'm a fan lol.

But I have noticed so many different kinds of shows - one about charging the vice president with torture crimes for example was pretty obvious. But within the program the prosecutors argue about details and reasons, showing different sides to the debate.

Recently I saw another where an abortion doc was killed. But by the end, the female prosecutor said some very interesting things that I mentally noted for future use (which I guess is right now lol). She said when she was in college, Roe vs Wade was a big deal (as in she supported it). She thought it was very important...but after some things she saw in this case, she said that now Roe vs Wade seems very outdated. That 35 years ago they did not have the access to birth control methods that they do now, and back then the prognosis for a 2nd trimester infant was not very good, but now the medical advances make it possible to give a baby a chance around 21 weeks. She talked about Roe vs Wade perhaps needing to be tossed aside because 'that was then, this is now'. I was shocked because I had not heard that on any program before and I'm sure it ruffled quite a few Left Feathers.

So I never know where they stand. I guess the shows can reflect the varying views of all their fans. On SVU Iced T and Munsch are often arguing different sides and opinions. Munsch even gave in once or twice lol. But in person, in his real life, that actor is EXTREMELY nasty to right wingers. I saw a clip a couple months or so ago of his venomous attitude and I very nearly stopped watching SVU after tuning in for so many years... but I decided not to let his real life personal attitude get to me. After all, many call him 'the ugliest man on television', and that's not very nice either ;)

glasnost said...

How about an episode where a woman is stoned to death for adultery by her fanatical Christian son? Nothing is too bizarre for the L & O agenda.

The Mighty Testilicus Maximus! said...

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