Friday, January 08, 2010

Breitbart Debuts 'Big Journalism'

Yep.  Another inconvenient-truth website that'll give yet more folks on the Hard Left more big, staggering headaches.

Andrew Bretibart continues to wage war on the Hard Left, with his weapons of inconvenient truth about them and their many nodes and players, with Big Journalism, following his sensationally successful earlier releases of Big Hollywood and, especially, Big Government.

Here's the very first post on Big Journalism:  Had Enough...?

Here's one of the articles on the new site, examining the Big Old Media's refusal to tell the People the truth about Islam, with their mind-boggling, incredible, inexplicable refusal to report shocking things that are indubitably true.

Included is a still from one of many, many videos available online that exposes the kind of hatred and bigotry in the mainstream Islamic World, which the Big Old Media refuses to tell us about, preferring instead to tell us just what the truth-hiding Islamic propagandists (such as the folks at CAIR, which is not legitimate, and which is proven to be a terrorism-supporting organization which also seeks the takeover of America by Islamists) tell them to tell us.

Imagine what a different perspective the People would have about Islam if they were presented, on the nightly news, such evidence as the following, as taken from mainstream television in the Islamic World.  Yes, there's a shocking amount of this going on, of which we're not supposed to know, and which the Big Old Media deliberately ignores and covers up, preferring instead to demonize, with big lies, Israel, Jews, Christians, the Free World, because they want to appease, in vain, of course, such folks as the poor, unfortunate, brainwashed-into-insane-hatefulness-by-hateful-Islamic-Supremacists, little boy in the picture below (quite different from what the Muslims we know have been saying to us, isn't it, which makes us wonder about those we don't know, as well as making us wonder what, if anything, the Muslims we know might be hiding from us in the way of inconvenient truth about their billion-plus-strong brethren)...


Just the facts...

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