Friday, January 01, 2010

Nativity Scenes Banned In Two Florida Cities

Here we go again with the Christian-bashing.
According to the ADF, Nativity scenes traditionally have adorned the front of the city hall in Inverness and in Boca Raton the display usually has been put up at the libraries. 

"But this year city officials have eliminated them from holiday displays, apparently out of fear of litigation from groups hostile to this nation's traditions," the ADF said.

The ADF's letter to Inverness officials said, "Unfortunately, it appears as though unfounded beliefs about Christmas celebrations may have led you to consider self-censorship of the perfectly legal Nativity display. It is our firm opinion that the City of Inverness need not fear legal liability for erecting and placing a Nativity display on public grounds."
In other words, prejudice, hate and intimidation are responsible for what happened.  The decades-long big-lies hate campaign against Christians and Christianity (Leftists will deny there is any such thing because they're, after all, Leftists, with the mental disorders that make them so).  They'd call others "hateful" for denying that there's any organized-and-aided-by-the-Big-Media "hate campaign" against homosexuals or any other group, we know full well.

The cities would never ban the homosexual parades out of fear of litigation from groups opposed to them, would they?  Feck, no!  Never!  After all, the very groups who want to get rid of Christianity in public and force it into the private homes of Christians only, they'd wage a campaign of demonization of those groups as "haters" and so on and so forth, and we know this from observing them doing it in the past.

They'll make sure there are "gay" parades every year, to promote homosexuality as a lifestyle, a philosophy and a de-facto religion.  It seems they belive such public celebration is mandatory.

But the two-millennium-old celebration of Christmas, with the Nativity Scene, was banned this past Christmas in two Florida cities.

Why is public celebration of one's sexual choice, ideology, philosophy and lifestyle supposedly a "right" and must be mandatorily financed by the taxpayers via local governments, but the same local governments can turn their backs on the US Constitution and violate the rights of religious peoples to practice their faith, including in public, where it's also guaranteed by the Constitution via the freedom to assemble and associate publicly?
"Banning Christmas displays is clearly out of sync with the beliefs of the American people, common sense, and the Constitution," said ADF Senior Legal Counsel Joel Oster. "Eradicating the Nativity scene … sends a hostile message to the more than 90 percent of Americans who celebrate Christmas."

Something's wrong with those responsible for the decision to ban the Nativity Scenes and, as a result, make Christians feel like they're not accepted, not treated fairly, in those cities.

Those responsible should be taken before court to determine whether punishment is warranted to "send a message" to others who might similarly discriminate against Christians.

Christianophobic hate is obviously growing very quickly amongst the powerful political elite.

Such powerful political elite need to be closely monitored for evidence of hateful tendencies and thoughts, I'd say.  After all, they themselves want to closely monitor anyone who doesn't fit their special fringe brethren's radical ideas of who and what is acceptable and tolerable.

It's like the Romans have invaded and taken over the Free World, just as have the Islamic Supremacist-Imperialists and the Neo-Communists.

After all, who's more persecuted nowadays, besides the JudeoChristians and folks who dissent from the Party Line of the Powerful, Wealthy Elite's De-Facto Unaccountable Dictatorship?

No one's stopping the Doubting Thomases from publicly saying they don't believe in Jesus Christ, but why are the Doubting Thomases trying to stop the most prominent expressions of the faith of Christians in their Savior?

Why the double standard?

Christians aren't hurting anyone by having a Nativity display in public.  Such displays must be allowed, just as the homosexual parades are allowed in public places.  To ban this most important and most symbolic display of the faith of Christians is nothing short of hatred and discrimination.

And those responsible shall be appropriately exposed as the closed-minded, bigoted haters and double-standard practitioners that they are, whether they realize they're being bad or not!

Those living in those two cities shall determine who's responsible and raise the alarm against these disgustingly hateful tyrannical bigots.

The tyranny of the minority is alive and well in America.

Shame on those folks for fearmongering about the mythical "tyranny of the majority" whilst practicing the real tyranny themselves, the tyranny of the minority.

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Jen said...

The more the name GOD or anything relating to Him and to His Son Jesus is removed, hidden or cast into some closset, is the more the people will experience hardship since the need for God's guidance, prayer is no longer acceptable in public anymore.

This whole mess strikes me like Russia, however in Russia people went 'underground' to profess their faith and to hold Masses.

USA better be careful with Who they are dealing with. If these so call lefties have nothing to do with God well, He will leave them until they repent.
USA is in need of God right now, to help them through these most difficulty times.