Saturday, January 02, 2010

More Partisan Propaganda From TorStar, Plus More Mallick Moronicity

Here we go again, with the Toronto Star acting as the de-facto Leftist Opposition Propaganda Machine, along with other Big Old Media outlets.

Looks like the TS is granting the Leftist Opposition a voice in lieu of being able to voice their partisan-nonsense attacks on the government in the House for a measly couple of months.  Eight short weeks.  Big deal.  They'll soon enough be back in the House, anyway.

Besides, all they want to do is bash the government with allegations of badness.  They're running with allegations of "torture" of Enemy "detainees", stemming, ultimately, from the Enemy itself, who cannot be considered a credible witness at all, obviously!

The Leftist Opposition believes it's found a good stick with which to effectively bash and injure the government's standing with the Public, even though it's a dirty weapon based on allegations from wholly-non-credible sources, albeit being mouthed via seemingly credible sources that receive too much credit from the Big Old Media and the Leftist Opposition for their worthless hearsay based on rumors started by none other than our Mortal Enemy.

Like, where's the evidence of "torture" of captured Enemy Combatants (Taliban and/or other Islamic Supremacist Enemies)?

The only "evidence" is worthless hearsay coming from The Enemy!

The Leftist Opposition and their comrades in the Big Old Media are telling us that the Enemy was "tortured" by fellow Islamists just because the Enemy said so.  What form of "torture" is alleged?  Like, face-slapping?  Waterboarding?  Sleep deprivation?  Bare-bum spanking?  Noogies?  Atomic wedgies?  Arm-skin reverse-twisting?  What?  Or the kind of horrific, inhuman stuff the Taliban does to people for the hell of it?

Funny, but who are we to judge the ways of another country, another people?  Isn't this the Left's own philosophy?  They always say, who are we to judge?  Who are we to impose our views onto them?  Guess what?  Our government didn't judge, and didn't impose our views onto the Afghan government.  This is why our Forces turned Enemy prisoners over to the Afghan government, precisely for this very reasoning.  We could've had our own Gitmo or some other detention facility, but the politics of that were too inhospitable to the concept, so we did what the Left and the Islamic World wanted us to do- leave the prisoners in the "care" of the Islamic regime in Afghanistan under Hamid Karzai.

What else were we to do?  What the hell does the Left expect of us?  They're being disingenous!

Besides, the Left doesn't make as much of a big deal about the frequently-to-death torture that happens all the time in the Islamic World in the name of Islam, according to Shariah Law.

So for the Left to make a big stink ONLY WHEN there's any form of Free World connection to any "torture", alleged or actual, by Islamists... is disingenous.

So to make 'em take a couple months' break from their disingenuousness and unfair, unwarranted, incessant, distracting bashing of the government over this, making it impossible to focus on legislation and stuff, is just pure bullshit.

They're just mad that they're being denied their opportunity to continue to bash the government for partisan political warfare reasons.

And the likes of the Toronto Star are only too happy to aid and abet this partisan political warfare by their comrades in the Leftist Opposition.

And isn't it nice to see the Three Stooges Coalition is back together again?  They're all on the same side, a tag team, taking turns bashing the government with the dirty-fighting stick.  The Liberals, the NDP, the separatist Bloc.  They're all of one fundamental ideological orientation and it's showing... again.  They might as well merge into one party, though thankfully that's not going to happen, thanks to their delusions that they're really not all that much the same kind of people sharing the same kind of fundamental worldview.

The only people "angry" seem to be the Left-Wing Extremists of the Leftist Opposition.  The TS gives no reason to believe that ordinary Canadians have even been paying any attention whatsoever.  After all, if all we see is angry Neo-Communists standing up for Taliban evildoers and bashing our own country, whilst preventing Parliament from getting anything done...

 By the way, I see that Heather Mallick is once again bashing Canada via a British paper.  Sheesh!  What a loonie Leftie!  I can't believe she gets paid to write such drivel! 

Heather Mallick, pig that she is, takes the frosted cake (don't ask me where it came from, for I don't know, and the elephant doody cake and Heather's cake following it are just coincidental) for unabashed, hard-leftwing urinalism!

Heather, honey, the only people "shafting democracy" are your guys, the Leftist Opposition, as they're obsessing over the one thing based on allegations coming from none other than The Enemy, thus preventing democracy from operating in the House.  Your guys are just abusing the House for partisan political warfare purposes... on the taxpayers' dimes.

"a shabby diminished place"

My, how patriotic, to call Canada that!  Apparently Ms. Mallick only thinks highly of Canada when there's a Liberal regime in power.  Sheesh.

"angry voiceless citizens"

Well, where are they?  Show me them.  Sorry, but Leftist Opposition MPs and Big Old Media folks don't count.  Neither do moonbats gathered together by community organizers in Astroturf "demonstrations".

"Harper, that strange vengeful man"

Oh, now that's a personal attackShame on you, Heather!  Bad, bad!  C'mon, bend over my lap to receive your spanking, you bad, bad, bad girl!

"on a mission since his youth to turn Canada into a pale, watery version of the United States of America"

Well, Heather, you really don't have to worry about that.  Like hell Stephen Harper's going to turn Canada into a pale, watery version of the United Socialist States of Obamacraterica.  And your America-hatred is also shameful.  Two more spanks for that!  Oh, I see you like that, 'cause you just keep on asking for more, you naughty girl!

Heather continues to bash America as "undereducated, paranoid, self-destructively aggressive overspent mess we watch now with grim fascination.".  My-o-my, Heather... you needn't stifle yourself so!  *Spank!*

Ah, there's more drivel from Heather the Bad Girl, but I won't bore y'all with it.  And I suspect that the spanking she's getting isn't going to teach her any lessons, 'cause she just keeps on asking for more.  What a weirdo!

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Jen said...

Now we know why the lefties are out of their minds and are perfect people for any terrorist to screw around with.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Oh, come on, Jen... we've known this for a looooong time now. ;)