Saturday, January 02, 2010

A Cowardly, Damning Out-Of-Court 'Settlement'

National Post editorial...
For society at large, however, this is a most unsatisfying outcome. The Liberal government has never been able to argue coherently, in or out of court, against Mr. Brown’s and Ms. Chatwell’s basic version of events: that their family and home were abandoned to the caprices of often-intimidating protesters whose appalling conduct the police refused to … well, to police. This shocking abdication of the government’s most basic responsibilities deserves a stern rebuke from the highest court available: The government cannot decline to enforce the law and protect its citizens simply because it might anger a certain segment of society or create an uncomfortable political situation.

We weren’t going to get that satisfaction from the civil suit, of course, but a humiliating finding against the government and in Mr. Brown’s and Ms. Chatwell’s favour would have been gratifying. Now we won’t get it. And we won’t hear allegedly damning testimony from OPP officers that they had indeed been given orders to stand back and let events unfold as they may. That testimony, which was to be heard next week, is the best explanation available as to why the government suddenly decided to settle.
  (Emphasis mine)


To what extent, if any at all, should political leaders be allowed to direct/control the police? 

Shall the police be required to follow any order at all, without exception, from their political masters?  

Shall the police be required to follow illegal, unconstitutional orders dictated by political masters?

These are some serious, critically-important questions that absolutely must be asked and answered.

What kind of a state is it if the political leaders control the police, telling them when to enforce, when not to enforce, and against whom?


Hopefully, once that government is dethroned in an election, a full, independent public inquiry will be held into the conduct of the Liberal Ontario government of Dalton McGuinty.

There's no telling how far this guy's willing to go to favor one group and disfavor another... on the basis of race or anything else.

Dictator of Ontario, Liberal Dalton McGuinty.
What he says, goes.  No exceptions.  We're expected to obey, no matter what.
Legal/illegal, constitutional/unconstitutional, racist/non-racist, it doesn't matter.
What Dictator Dalton deems, goes.
Free World politicians shouldn't be allowed to control the police for political reasons!
To allow them to do that... makes our governments little different from Axis of Evil dictatorships.
Police serve the People, to enforce laws in the interest of the People.
Police don't serve politicians, except as bodyguards, crowd control, etc. sometimes.
For politicians to direct police to not do their job... is illegal and unconstitutional.
This is a very serious matter which must be addressed!


glasnost said...

There are many mind-boggling aspects in this story. One that jumps out at me is the part about not disclosing the details of the settlement; how is it possible for a government to hide that kind of information involving expenditure of taxpayer dollars?

Canadian Sentinel said...

Well, folks like you and I have seen some even more bizarre stuff happen, so we know that SOMEHOW it's possible. Of this there's no doubt at all, simply because we see it actually happening. Ergo there's a reason why. The trick is identifying that reason or reasons, and gathering the evidence to back it up. Once this is done, well, then it becomes possible for citizen activists to organize to do something to put a stop to the government's wrongdoing. We see this happening with the CAIR, ACORN, the czars, etc... slowly, but surely, with the civilian undercover stingers, with Breitbart, with WND, with FOX News, Glenn Beck, etc., etc...

Obviously Canadians are a little behind compared to Americans. But we saw that we've got it deep down inside, when we had our own "tea party" to protest the "Coalition of Leftists" who tried to usurp our government just over a year ago. And we see it with valorous activists such as Ezra Levant going to war against the CHRC and the Islamic Supremacists. And the network of serious bloggers, etc.

Part of the "how" it's possible is that the Big Old Media isn't going to make a big deal out of it, so most of the People won't realize what's going on.

Same as with the CHRC issue. Don't tell the People, and not enough will bring sufficient pressure to bear upon the gov't, so the gov't can afford to continue doing the wrong thing.