Saturday, October 03, 2009

Poll: Tories 37%; Libs 27%

The Liberals are in the toilet...

ht: Bourque

Somebody flush, quick... and light a match!


The Conservatives have hit the 50 per cent mark in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and continue to dominate in their traditional stronghold of Alberta (61%).

In Ontario, which saw a close race earlier this year in the first weeks of Michael Ignatieff’s tenure as Liberal leader, the Tories now hold a 14-point edge over the Grits (44% to 30%).

British Columbia, where the Liberals made some gains in the spring, now finds the NDP in second place with 28 per cent, with the Grits five points behind (23%). The Conservatives (42%) remain in first place.

Quebec... well, guess what? No longer does a party have to command a whole lot of seats to get a majority. Looks like the Tories will more or less hold their seats in that province, with the Bloc remaining dominant. The Libbies are a-falling in that province fast.

As for the Atlantic Region, it's pretty much a tossup between the Tories, Libs and NDP.