Sunday, October 18, 2009


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Today, Canadian politicians and bureaucrats are wasting their time trying to curry favour with China. Do they not realize the stark reality that China’s lifeblood is in exporting? Besides, except for potash and wheat, we have very little to sell the rice-based Chinese society. Most of our extractive industries are in foreign ownership.


Janet and I always buy top-hole consumer appliances. We bought a Cuisinart electric kettle and it has been replaced four times in the last five years under warranty. The last time before we returned a defective kettle, I read the fine print on the shipping box: MADE IN CHINA.

Recently, I saw a newspaper photo of a Chinese assembly line turning out H1N1 vaccine doses. That jarred me. My body temperature rose and I set off a new round of global warming.

I don’t want an H1N1 vaccine from a country that has exported tainted fish, killer pet food, unsafe tires, and poisoned toothpaste, drugs, candy and vitamins.

Why isn't it being made in the Free World? What about jobs for those in the Free World?

Besides, it's like having it made in Nazi Germany in 1939 and helping fund the building of the Nazi World Domination Armed Forces. Only today the Nazis are the Chinese Communist Party.