Friday, October 23, 2009

Abortion: Genocide Against Blacks In America

Shocking story here.

Just as Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, a racist herself, wanted.

And this should come as no surprise, either, since most of the Planned Parenthood slaughterhouses are built in visible-minority-heavy neighborhoods.

And I also recall blogging about a sting operation against Planned Parenthood that exposed the racism inherent within its culture. I see the Hard Left somehow got YouTube to delete the video, allegedly due to "terms of use violation". Yeah, right, suuuuure.
( – Abortion kills more black Americans than the seven leading causes of death combined, according to data collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for 2005, the latest year for which the abortion numbers are available.

Abortion killed at least 203,991 blacks in the 36 states and two cities (New York City and the District of Columbia) that reported abortions by race in 2005, according to the CDC. During that same year, according to the CDC, a total of 198,385 blacks nationwide died from heart disease, cancer, strokes, accidents, diabetes, homicide, and chronic lower respiratory diseases combined. These were the seven leading causes of death for black Americans that year.


Of these 36 states, Georgia reported the largest number of abortions--18,325--among African Americans. Idaho and Montana reported the fewest, 16 and 17 respectively.


In Table 9 of the report, it states that there were 203,991 blacks killed by abortion, which comprises 35.5 percent of all abortions reported for that year.
Hmm. You know, the Hard Left and folks like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, both notorious race-card players, are always citing data on the disproportionate number of Blacks in prison as evidence of systematic racism, evidence that the justice system is racist. So, to follow their logic, we can also take the CDC evidence and declare that it proves that abortion is racist and evidence of systematic genocide.

Dr. Freda Bush:
“I would just like for them to explain why there’s such a significant proportion of their clinics that are located in minority communities,” said Bush, who is black. “So if you’ll notice, I did not mention that as a factor when I talked to you [earlier], so I was not accusing them of anything.

“I was just pointing out the fact that we have more, but since they brought it up, I would like for them to explain where their clinics are located, and why their clinics are located in that area,” she added.

“I would also like for an explanation of why their founder, Margaret Sanger, who was a known eugenist, also had a Negro project, and an explanation if that was not directed at the ‘undesirables,’” said Bush. “So, I’m not accusing them of anything. I would just like an explanation for the practices that they have continued.”

Dr. Alveda King, niece of slain civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., is a pro-life activist. In August 2007 she told a meeting of Priests for Life that abortionists “plant their killing centers in minority neighborhoods and prey upon women who think they have no hope.”

“The great irony,” she said, “is that abortion has done what the Klan only dreamed of.”
The Klan, of course, was imposed upon America by the Democratic Party, which has a terrible racist heritage for which it never apologized and which it attempts, with the help of the Democrat-Media Complex, to cover up.

And the Democratic President today is Obama.

I guess that Obama must hate his father's race as well as he hates his mother's. Why else is he throwing unborn Blacks under the proverbial bus with his extreme pro-abortion agenda?