Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chretienite Donolo Back To Liberal Party

They're baaaaack.

Warren Kinsella (l), fmr. PM Jean Chretien and Peter Donolo.

Thirteen long, torturous years of these guys... redux.

In time for Halloween? Well, they are scary...

Story here.

ht: Bourque

What to expect now? Good question.

Kinsella screwed up badly after returning to lead the War Room.

Current Leader-Appointed Michael Ignatieff has proven worse than Do-Over Dion.

The Party is waaaaay down in the polls, with formerly loyal voters defecting in droves to the ruling Conservatives.

So the Evil Cretch sends Peter Donolo in to try to do what he did before.

This should be interesting...

And fun. I'll be watching.


Via email, Orville H. reminds us (emphasis mine):
Wonderful . Now we have Kinsella and Donolo in Ignatieff's office - both were principals in the Chretien era and the sponsorship fraud that was perpetuated on the Canadian taxpayer. Maybe we have the players that can answer where the missing 40 million dollars are, that Gomery enquiry couldn't find. I just wonder if their advice to Ignatieff would be, to do what was so successful for Chretien, in achieving votes and popularity - envelopes stuffed with cash. I suspect both Donolo and Kinsella would know some of the inner operations of that era, and Ignatieff could rely on their knowledge. I suspect the pollsters will have to wait and see, if Canadians are enthused to return to the old sponsorship days, where taxpayer money was distributed by cash in stuffed envelopes which could not be traced, in comparison to the stimulus money which distribution is highlighted by giant carnival cardboard cheques , as to exactly where the monies are going with some fanfare and publicity, but apparently highly appreciated by the recipients, whether they are the provincial government, municipal officials or deserving organizations. Any bets what Canadians will respond, if they are asked if they want to go back to the good old sponsorship days of distributing taxpayer monies, as we can expect with Donolo and Kinsella in charge of Ignatieff's office, given their track record. Wasn't Kinsella also a close advisor of David Dingwall of "I am entitled to my entitlements" infamy, and wasn't it KInsella's advice to Dingwall that he should charge his chewing gum to the Canadian taxpayer?