Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kinsella Suspected Behind Big Media's Silly Obsession With Giant Pretend Cheques

Warren "Catmeat Man" Kinsella's the guy on the left.
Note how he gaily cuddles up to The Great Satan.

Below is another pic of Kinsella.
Looks like he's got stinky fingers...
That happens when you mess around with bullshit!

Well, of course. That's what Warren Kinsella does.
(...)It has the fingerprints of Warren Kinsella, the lead Liberal attack dog, all over it. This is the guy who once famously held up a Barney doll on national television to make the point that Stockwell Day, then leader of the Canadian Alliance, was a political dinosaur. Kinsella is very good at his work, and the Liberals have indeed succeeded in changing the conversation in the last week.
And, of course, the Big Liberal Media cooperated each and every time. Not that they had to, but, naturally, they'll always play the Catmeat Man's clown game.

But, unfortunately for the Liberals...
Not that they've succeeded in making any mileage in the House, where the Liberals could turn a nuclear weapon into a wet firecracker.

On a day when the Liberals could have loaded the bases, they never even got to first.
Poor, poor, pitiful Catmeat Man Warren Kinsella. What a loser hoser.

Warren Kinsella specializes in, after all...