Monday, October 19, 2009

Voila! Islamic Supremacists!

Here they go again. Where were the Dutch police? When it's Christians protesting abortion or opposing gay marriage, they get arrested no matter what. But the Islamic supremacists never, never get arrested for inciting hatred in public, for preaching supremacy, for preaching world domination and preaching against freedom, democracy, human rights and peace...

Funny how I had to go to FrontPageMag to find this picture at its affiliate The Big Old Media was too busy ignoring the right-outside-the-network-HQ Tea Party protests on Saturday and with covering the Balloon Boy and so on and so forth to bother to raise the alarm about supremacists hellbent on world domination and taking away freedom. Too bad they weren't the extremely rare "white" supremacists, who seem to be the ONLY kind of supremacists to get Big Media attention, despite the fact that they're so marginalized and illegally persecuted by the state apparatus as to pose virtually zero threat whatsoever.

Look closely at the picture, the faces and the messages being rendered.

That is what genuine HATE looks like.

Now, where are all those white supremacists, neo-Nazis and skinheads? Where are they? The Left is always screaming about them, but they never show them to us. Funny how the Left, simultaneously, never, ever, EVER seems to notice Islamic supremacists marching en masse on the streets of America, Canada and Europe, ululating incredible, frighteningly hateful, supremacist slogans and promising world domination by Islam. It's surreal, the delusionality of the Left!

The Islamic supremacists are real, they're everywhere, they number in the millions, millions and millions, and they DO plan to dominate the world. In fact, their agenda has already been exposed over and over and over again, yet the Big Old Media continues to pretend that no such thing is happening.

They're also ignoring the recent exposure of the infiltration agenda of the CAIR, a front group for the Jew-hating Hamas and the deadly Muslim Brotherhood, which traces its roots all the way back to Hitler's Third Reich and prior.

Nevertheless, the majority of the People in the Free World have already become aware of such things and others, and now know that the Big Old Media cannot be trusted anymore because it's no more valid as a source of honest reporting than was the Nazi Propaganda Machine as run by Reich Minister of Propaganda Josef Goebbels.

The only question is when you and I can expect to be herded at gunpoint onto boxcars and taken to "someplace better for special folks like ourselves"...

Hey, if the Muslims can have these kinds of demonstrations and not be demonized by the Media and by the Left, then how come We the People of the Free World are forbidden, as was Geert Wilders, to speak of it?

Well, I speak of it NOW!

I repeat: Millions and millions of Muslims worldwide are our enemy! It's true! You can see for yourself! They're always saying so! And we didn't do anything to deserve it... except for one little thing: We're not Muslims. Therefore they see us as their enemies, as required by Allah, via the Koran!

Those who are shocked by this truth-speaking are dangerously ignorant and obviously reliant upon and wrongly trusting of the Big Old Media, who has been politically forced to refrain from telling the truth!

Previous "Islam Will Dominate" events:

Nothing to see here, folks. Move along. Just a bunch of "Peaceful Muslims" "exercising their rights".

Look! Balloon Boy! Paris Hilton! Gay parades! Obama! Michelle! Oprah! Britney's pussy exposed in public! David Hasselhoff drunk! Shiny object! Michael Jackson! Jon and Kate!