Thursday, October 22, 2009

Obama's Muslim Advisor Is Pro-Shariah

Sharia Law. For those who have no idea what that is, well, it's brutally intolerant, and, believe me, once you do your research into what it means, you will be vehemently opposed to its existence anywhere, especially in your own country.

Well, Obama's advisor on Muslim stuff is pro-Shariah Law.

The Egyptian-born, hijab-clad adviser drew attention earlier this month when she defended Shariah, or Islamic law, on a British television show hosted by a member of an extremist Muslim group, insisting the majority of women around the world associate Shariah with "gender justice."

Schwartz, executive director of the Center for Islamic Pluralism, states in a column for the Weekly Standard that according to Mogahed's view, Muslims are "either fundamentalist or confused."

"Their attitudes toward Islamic law are divided, in her terms, only between supposedly wanting Shariah to be the sole source of governance and seeing it as one source of legislation among various canons," he writes. "But for her, even this distinction is less important than proclaiming the satisfaction of Muslim women with Shariah."

Clearly, this woman must be brainwashed. Obviously a sufferer, somehow, of Stockholm Syndrome. Doesn't she realize that Shariah Law makes women unequal and allows men to treat them like animals, like property? Doesn't she realize that it's intolerant, torturous and murderous towards women? Whatever she realizes, one thing is for certain, and that is that she believes that women are NOT equal and must be treated harshly to promoted "appropriate behavior" according to Islam. Logically this is the necessary conclusion due specifically for her unequivocal support for Shariah Law.
"Such an individual," he concludes," is inappropriate as an adviser to the president and can do great harm by providing an American seal of approval to extreme Shariah ideology.

"We should not be surprised to find that leftists are not the only people with an extreme ideology present in the Obama team," says Schwartz.
Yet another extremist in the Obamacrat Regime.

Seems that the Regime is comprised of nothing but extremists. Every one of them is extreme. Can you think of anyone in the regime who's been closely scrutinized by the most aggressive, most scrupulous non-leftists and hasn't been found to not be some kind of revolutionary extremist such as a neo-communist, a racist, a eugeneticist, a euthanasist, a sexual extremist, or an Islamic supremacist?

Oh, and by the way, would a journalist please ask her, on live TV, in front of millions, what are her views on homosexuals?

Of course, she'll probably practice Taqiyya in response to that very inconvenient question. Just like Obama.

And the Big Media, aside from the open, and brutally honest about the real world, FOX News, will cover up the question/answer as being inconvenient to The Agenda, as such a question obviously threatens a certain delicate balance between the GLBT community's desire for tolerance and safety on the one hand, and the Islamic fundamentalists' usually-covered-up-in-the-Big-Media murderous hatred for them, as required by Shariah Law. Wonder if gay-supremacist Obama czar Kevin Jennings is aware of the anti-GLBT hatred of Islamic fundamentalists, including those within the Regime, plus Ms. Mogahed's support for Shariah Law, which requires death for homosexuals? Why does Kevin Jennings only say horrible stuff about Catholics, never daring to criticize the hatefulness of the Islamists towards folks like himself? Would a real reporter please grill him on that, and not take any B.S. for an answer?

Obama needs to be grilled on this, too. No teleprompter help. Frank answer, please. We can only wish this would happen.