Friday, October 30, 2009

NAACP Wants To Ban Halloween Dummies, Plus What They Should Go After Instead

Now they want to ban simple Halloween dummies.

Hey, dude, what did you say when someone hung an effigy of Sarah Palin? Did y'all say anything then? I read the news reports on that incident, but don't recall reading anything about the NAACP saying about that, "that looks bad... it should be taken down".

Why is the dummy on the left bad, but the one on the right okay?
Remember, it's Halloween in both situations.
Hey, did the NAACP complain when George W. Bush was hung in effigy?
Besides, that looks like a white dummy, just like the Sarah Palin one!

Talk about going too far to get attention!

Go after REAL racism.

You know, there's not just white supremacists in America, but I have also observed that black supremacism is on the rise, is becoming more brazen, more open, etc., (police respond to the armed racists here) (the racist Obama Justice Depatment refused to prosecute these criminals despite their clearly-documented felony of intimidating different-race voters from voting!) But what does the NAACP do instead of going after the racist "New Black Panther" thugs and militant extremists? Demand a ban on halloween dummies as they're, in the NAACP's opinion, necessarily "racist"!

Are they "Djoken"?
"Something should be done right away," Djoken told "When you look from a distance, it doesn't look good. We should just remove it."

But Holtzinger disagrees and dismissed the roughly two dozen complaints the NAACP received as part of an "attempt to get publicity" for the organization and to "justify" its existence. The display won't be taken down any sooner than scheduled, he said.

The dummies, clad in jeans and stuffed shirts, hang in Baker Park from ropes affixed to their torsos up to 30 feet in the air — creating a sight that some say reminds them of lynchings while others describe it as a harmless holiday display.

"Certainly these weren't meant to offend anybody," Holtzinger said. "But at the same time, if you look at these things, they're not realistic, they're not tied by a noose. So I don't think they're anything other than a typical Halloween display you can see at any number of places."

I suggest that, instead of going after harmless Halloween dummies, the NAACP should go after the abortion industry, whose true, original and continuing agenda is black genocide. And after Obama (ironically, yes, but remember, "progressivism" is a mental disorder, and anything's possible for "progressives", and Obama's a "progressive", after all) for pushing that agenda.

But I don't hold my breath waiting for the NAACP to give a damn that most of the demonstrated-to-have-a-racist-culture, and founded-by-a-racist, "Planned Parenthood" murder factories are deliberately located in minority neighborhoods. Refusal to go after real, authentic, undeniable racism will be the NAACP's undoing. I certainly hope the NAACP isn't just a far-left ideological-partisan political attack organization like ACORN and is a genuine anti-racism organization.

Anyone from NAACP reading this post, I recommend you watch the video Maafa21.

Here's the trailer:

I see that the entire movie can be viewed on YouTube, though it's obviously best to buy the DVD for yourself (your purchase will help raise awareness of this silent, unreported genocide campaign).

Part one of Maafa21 can be viewed here. You can find the rest on YouTube.