Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Why Muslims MUST Respect Jews

This is news to me, as I'm sure it'll be to most.

According to Tawfik Hamid, the Koran actually says good things about Jews, and that Moses, a Jew, did something very, very nice for all Muslims. There's other stuff, too.

I guess a lot of Muslims just ignore those parts of the Koran and choose instead to listen to the charismatic hatemongers amongst them. Shame on them!

Hmm... perhaps the Islamic world has indeed been corrupted by outside forces (including the Soviet/Russian KGB) who infiltrated it with big lies and propaganda, which, over time, was picked up by many Muslims and propagated as if real Islam. Hence the astonishingly insane hatred and violence we see emanating from the Islamic world today.

There's all sorts of stuff that's been going on and is going on today that's been right under our noses, but of which we've been unaware because we never saw it on "the news" and never got taught anything about it in school.

Better to inform oneself the hard way than to live a life of blissful, brainwashed ignorance.