Saturday, October 31, 2009

Republican Steps Aside For A Conservative

Story here.

It's happening. The Grand Old Party is receiving its punishment from the People already for having turned sharply leftwards.

Things are so horrible in America already that the People realize that drastic action must be taken.

So they're abandoning both the Democrats and the Republicans for untainted-by-corruption candidates (on the "right", that is).

The announcement comes after a Siena College poll found she was in third place with 20 percent of the vote in the heavily Republican upstate New York district that has been safe ground for the party for more than 100 years. Conservative Party nominee Doug Hoffman and Democratic nominee Bill Owens were too close to call with 35 percent and 36 percent, respectively.

The race has pitted conservative and moderate wings of the Republican Party in a battle of ideology both nationally and statewide. Hoffman and his backers say Scozzafava is too liberal to represent the GOP, specifically noting her support of abortion rights and same-sex marriage.

Uh-huh. The GOP candidate who stepped aside wasn't a conservative at all. Nothing new about those leftist, RINO GOPers, though. What's new is that the People have had enough of them as well as enough of the Democrats.

So they go to a real conservative, or at least someone who's saying he is.

The Republican Party can no longer take their core constituency for granted, because, as they've been doing so for so long already, they've lost it. Besides, look at the polls. The majority of Americans say they're conservative, with the remainder saying they're about a third "moderate" and about a fifth "liberal". You do the math, and figure out where the Republicans must go, ideologically, to get back the votes to beat the horrible, terrible, destructive "Democrats" and that dumbass puppet, Obama, he with countless billionaire hands up his scrawny ass!

The Democratic candidate, in response, issues an obvious propaganda talking point, quite over-cliched, too (keep in mind that Obama, through some partisan organization, has been paying his law firm, so far, to the tune of $1.7 million to desperately keep his REAL birth certificate and other damning documents a secret to, obviously, hide the logically, rationally, extremely probable fact that he wasn't born in America and therefore isn't legitimately, Constitutionally the President):
"Obviously I think what has happened here, is the right wing extremists in the Republican Party have spent over a million dollars to drive her out of the race," Owens said Saturday night.
Yep. Yet another brainwashed, whorey, "progressive", Obama-ass-licking Democrat pulled out the silly, meaningless "right wing extremists" slur again. Just like the Napolitano DHS used it to smear the majority of Americans for daring to oppose The Agenda. Yep. Another left-wing extremist asshole smearing and demonizing yet more Americans for not being submissive Obamite sheep!

It's silly and dismissable to smear moderates (ie. Republicans, especially the more conservative ones, are definitely moderate compared to the extremely radical, neo-communist, anti-Constitution, anti-America revolutionaries comprising the Democratic Party, inhabiting -obviously unconstitutionally- the White House, and encompassing the Big Media) as "right wing extremists.

Besides, "conservative" is a very moderate word. "Progressive" is an extremist word, on the other hand, especially considering the kind of dangerous wackos and lunatics who thusly label themselves, their movement and policies.

To be "right-wing" is to be moderate.

To be "progressive" is to be extreme. Just look at the blatant, frightening, shocking extremism of Obama, the Democrats and the Big Media (except, of course, for the "right-wing", moderate, hardworking, fair and balanced Fox News, who has more viewers than anyone else... by a massive amount, precisely because of the way it operates, compared to the Obama-ass-licking Big Old Dying Media!).