Monday, October 19, 2009

Big Media Proven Biased, Corrupt, Worthless On Saturday

Whilst the Big Old Obama Worshippin' Media is obsessed with the totally irrelevant, unimportant, who-gives-a-feck-what's-he-got-to-do-with-me BALLOON BOY...

El Marco does the newsmedia's job for the People. Go ahead and get your latest reasons for telling the Big Old Media to go to hell for giving you, the People, the finger. Read the whole story at El Marco's site. He's way better than the utterly useless Big Old Media. Here's some pix taken by El Marco himself.


It's astonishing. You see that the Big Media sent out, not real reporters at all, but rather a bunch of fecking AMATEURS, INTERNS, who had no idea what they were doing. And, El Marco reports, they were literally programmed/brainwashed with a specific agenda of ignoring and secretly tape-recording the Tea Partiers without bothering to put 'em on camera, unlike the wholly-unrelated "Truthers". I thought ACORN said that it was "illegal" to record people without their consent, like the sting operators who exposed ACORN as a child-prostitution-positive criminal organization? Hmm... I guess the Big Old Media is no better than ordinary civilians who take the news into their own hands. Perhaps the Big Old Media should be stinging ACORN, CAIR, etc., instead of the American People who demand that they do exactly that!

The brainwashed interns are seen below. At least the brainless bimbo girl is cute!



The INTERNS IGNORED THE TEA PARTIERS AND CHOSE INSTEAD TO COVER A COUPLE OF fecking CONSPIRACY-THEORIZING 9/11 TRUTHERS! See! Haha! Look at the hardcore-leftwing fringe-element freak with the ugly, poo-colored brown toque and the grinning moonbat with the long hair! I think I saw that one on the X-Files spinoff "The Lone Gunmen"! The long-haired one who threw up a lot! And what's up with the truther with the press pass? Totally Astroturf!


Below: The Lone Gunmen (And a hot chick). They ain't for real, either, yet the Big Media put 'em on prime time!

How's that for proof positive of BIAS! That's who the brainwashed Big Media interns cover! The Professional Liars inside taught them very well how to be prejudiced and tell Big Lies!