Wednesday, October 21, 2009

G&M Pans Libs For Clownish Attack About Cheques, Doorknobs

Liberal sheep Wayne Easter:

"Oh, and by the way, Warren Kinsella pulled this out of his bag of clown tricks and pranks and told me to talk to y'all about it..."

Whining and bitching about big, pretend cheques (for photo ops, not for real) with Conservative logos on them and brandishing prop doorknobs with a serious face. This is the latest of the Liberal stunts designed by someone (probably Warren Kinsella, as it surely sounds like his thing) to make the Conservative government look bad.

It's not working. When even the anti-Conservative Globe and Mail dismisses the Liberals' propaganda sessions with the Big Media, you know that the Liberals are desperate and antsy and would be better off just doing nothing, enjoying their six-figure salaries for trying to screw up Canada from the Opposition side.
And so he stood outside of their Centre Block caucus room, cameras and reporters at the ready. Liberal war-room guru Warren Kinsella, the man behind so many of these stunts, was lurking nearby in the Hall of Honour.
Yup. The Lurker himself. No surprise. Warren Kinsella lurks in all sorts of places, such as public bathrooms (when he's hunting for imaginary "Nazis"). How ironic that this time he was lurking in the Hall of Honour. Sort of like Ahmadinejad lurking in a Synagogue or marching in a gay parade, I guess.

The giant pretend "cheques" are just that- pretend. They're not real, not valid, not negotiable.

Folks are scratching their heads wondering what's the problem. So the Tories hold up signs that look sort of like silly giant fake novelty cheques, for photo-ops and good optics. Nothing new about that. That's politics, old, old politics. The Liberals do it, too. So some Tories get the cool idea of putting the Conservative logo on some of them... why not? What's wrong with that? They're not real cheques, after all, so what law has been broken? What ethics rule has been broken? Show me precisely where it says...

The Liberals are just mad that they didn't come up with such a cool idea when they had the chance (you know they'd have done it if they had thought of it, but, of course, Warren Kinsella et al do have limited intellects).

Besides, the Liberal logo used to look a helluva lot like the Canadian flag, except with the right-side red bar being a big "L".

See? Remember this?

Looks a lot like the Canadian flag, doesn't it?
Now, isn't that a far worse ethical problem than simply having the logo on big, fake novelty cheques?

The Liberal Party hijacked the Canadian flag (after trashing the original Canadian flag!) to use as its own partisan symbol. The subtle message was that the Liberals were Canada and that Canada was the Liberals.

Now, that's shameful!

As for the doorknobs, who cares?

After all, when the Liberals demanded the "stimulus" spending in the first place, they never said what they wanted it spent on. Apparently they couldn't have cared less about how it was spent, and only cared about looking good for demanding it at all.

Besides, I believe it's smart of the Tories to spend it on tangible things that actually serve a lasting purpose. Much better than what Obama's doing, which is just giving it away to whomever he wants to make them like him.

The Tories could've blown it on stupid stuff instead. Like give it to, say, the fascist "Human Rights" Commission, the Liberal Party mouthpiece CBC, CAIR-Can, ACORN-Can, and/or a bunch of silly, nudity-speckled parades about fringe-element sex lives, etc.

The Liberals, since they decided to let folks like Warren Kinsella run their propaganda machine, are a laughingstock. Here I am, enjoying the hilarious spectacle...