Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another Obama Scandal: 'Americrooks'

Story here.

Heard about the Canadian Liberals' trying in vain to make hay out of little, tiny things such as Conservative logos on big, giant, funny "cheques" used for photo-ops?

Ah, that's nothing in and of itself, as established.

I wonder what the Canadian Liberals, as well as the American People, think about the Obamacrat Regime's "Americorps".

The entertainment industry, inspired by Obama’s $6 billion expansion of government volunteerism spending, is coordinating plot lines and ads to push public service. “The message will be nearly ubiquitous,” reports the Los Angeles Times, “starting in the morning with programs such as ‘Today’ and ‘The View,’ and then echoed on soap operas, prime-time series and late-night shows.” First Lady Michelle Obama, a relentless Americorps promoter who publicly extolled the Tinseltown initiative last month, will cap off the week with an appearance on the Jay Leno show on Friday.
Of course. Gotta propagandize, as much as possible, saturating the airwaves, inundating the collective consciousness, about entering Service To The Fatherland.

But don’t expect Leno to ask Mrs. Obama about her reported meddling in personnel decisions at the scandal-plagued Americorps. Or about the program’s long history as a government boondoggle stuffed with make-work jobs, permanent bureaucracies, left-wing slush funds, and partisan lobbyists. More on that in a moment.

Spearheaded by a non-profit called the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF), organizers deny any partisan or political motivation. But editor John Nolte published an internal memo from EIF titled “Answering the Call” that describes the entire, multi-year campaign as a direct response to President Obama’s call “for a new era of responsibility.” The massive, leftward tilt in Hollywood donations to Democrat campaign coffers speaks for itself. As do the celebrity vows of volunteer-mongers like Demi Moore, who pledged in a recent national service PSA not to be a servant to her fellow citizens or her country, but “a servant to Barack Obama.

Yep. Demi Moore, the famous, ersatz-boob'd, demi-cerebral, demi-centenarian MILF who's now married to the equally-dumb Kelso kid from That Seventies Show, wants her fellow volks to serve der Fuhrer.

Heil, heil Obama!