Saturday, October 24, 2009

Big Media Protects Extremist CAIR From Inconvenient Truth

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The ObaDeMediacrat Complex is protecting the Islamic Mob.

In its coverage of a press conference on Capitol Hill in which four Republican House members presented an internal CAIR document revealed in the new WND Books release "Muslim Mafia" that shows the group sought to place interns in the intelligence, homeland security and judiciary committees, Politico characterized the document as a "fairly straightforward public relations and lobbying strategy."

There was no mention of the undisputed fact that along with CAIR's designation as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Texas-based Holy Land Foundation, many of its leaders and prominent supporters have been convicted in terrorism-related cases.

FBI officials have testified CAIR's parent group, the Islamic Association for Palestine, was founded as a front group for the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. And evidence from the FBI presented at the Holy Land trial showed CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad and founder Omar Awad participated in a three-day summit in 1993 of U.S.-based Hamas members and supporters.

The willing ignorance and steadfast, stubborn refusal to be curious and dig deeper on the part of the ObaDeMediacrat Complex is nothing short of breathtaking, astonishing, appalling, shocking... and intolerable! How can people possibly look themselves in the mirror, knowing that they're enabling the very same kind of dangerous, hateful people as those who hijacked loaded 767s on September 11th, 2001, and crashed them into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and almost either the Capitol or the White House? How can they look at themselves in the mirror? How can they sleep at night? How can they live with themselves? They clearly must either be insanely delusional or evil.

They're so ignorant of the truth, so willingly delusional, so utterly devoid of morality, that they could, just like that, call Hitler "one of history's greatest leaders", neglecting to mention the other, horrifyingly evil stuff that's right under their noses and which they smell, yet, bizarrely, pretend doesn't exist, like when someone farts and we pretend we don't notice, no matter how loud, long and noxiously malodorous it is.

Even worse, one outlet actually took it upon itself to act as CAIR's Big Lies mouthpiece:
In other coverage,'s Glenn Greenwald defended CAIR by calling the lawmakers' news conference Oct. 14 "one of the most despicable domestic political events of the year."
That's like referring to a news conference denouncing white supremacism/neo-Nazism as "one of the most despicable political events of the year". What's wrong with that Glenn Greenwald guy? Is he brain-damaged from horrific drug abuse or what?

Vanity Fair quoted only the last paragraph of the CAIR strategy memo, which covered the relatively mundane goals of taking advantage of "Wiki" and "intranet." The article made no mention of the first paragraph, which names homeland security, intelligence and judiciary committees as targets of their influence.
Hmm. Why did Vanity Fair think it was irrelevant that an Islamic supremacist organization is targeting America's national security apparatus for the apparent purpose of enabling Islamic supremacists to exert greater and greater power in America, including, potentially, facilitating further 9/11-type attacks and even worse? Either they're appallingly, intolerably stupid or are onside and collaborating with the Islamic supremacists. Or maybe they were bribed or threatened or something by the Islamic supremacists.

Ah! Collaborating with the Islamic supremacists. Pretty much like George Soros collaborated with the Nazis!

That's what's going on: Collaboration with Islamic supremacists, with the enemy who seeks to take over America and turn her into a murderously bigoted and intolerant Islamic theocracy like Iran.

Really. It goes far beyond "folks who happen to be Muslim merely participating in the system like everybody else".

Would the same Islamic supremacist collaborating media outlets also refer to a neo-Nazi front organization's identical infiltrative-influential activities as "merely some folks participating in the system, as is their right to do so"? Would they ignore the proven-and-unmissable inconvenient truth that they're dangerous-agenda-driven neo-Nazis masquerading as ordinary Americans merely "getting involved"?

While there's no evidence whatsoever to indicate a "conspiracy", it's indubitably obvious that there's a whole bunch of apparently fraudulent/manipulative newsmedia players out there under the umbrella of the ObamaDeMedia Complex who are deliberately covering up the inconvenient truth that threatens the very existence of the CAIR, an Islamic-imperialist propaganda front for Hamas, an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, who allied with Hitler's Nazis and participated within the invading forces of same during World War Two?

The above are just some examples. There's others, including MSNBC's Rachel Maddow spewing nothing short of propaganda, too.
With heavy sarcasm, she intoned that the Congress members demanded CAIR be investigated because it "does things that every other D.C. public relations and advocacy operation does, but they do it," she said, pausing for effect, "while being Muslim."
Maddow doesn't seem to give a damn about any of the inconvenient truth about CAIR at all. She only cares that they're Muslims. Therefore nothing these particular Muslims, the folks at CAIR, are about, nor anything they actually say and do, that will ever matter to her, as the only issue as far as she's concerned is that anyone who dares say anything inconvenient about any Muslims, no matter that it's proven true, no matter how dangerous the facts, is a horrible bigot, an Islamophobe, and must therefore be shouted down to protect the meek, harmless, always-peaceful, never-hateful, never-intolerant... Muslims.

Imbecile. Imbeciles. Useful idiots. Willing tools of those who threaten national security.

It's obvious that there's some kind of mass delusion going on. Groupthink. Peer pressure. Etc.

Reminiscent of the mass delusion of the German People, thanks to Josef Goebbels' Big Lies and Hitler's masterful oratory, not to mention the deceptive, manipulative work of Leni Riefensthal.

The average person appears to be lazy-minded enough to be affected by incessant, insidious, unavoidable propaganda, and it's apparent that far, far too many folks within the Big Media have been thusly affected.

Speaking of unavoidable propaganda... Unavoidable, that is, if you watch any TV at all, read comic strips, etc... and aren't thinking for yourself, filtering out obvious propaganda message insertions in what's being pushed at you in the form of "entertainment". I do watch some TV, including what I consider entertaining shows, and frequently find incidents of obviously-written-in propaganda messages. Such propaganda messages are inserted gratuitously, like the F-word and bare titties and asses on The Sopranos and like the incessant farting and disgustingly crude sexual innuendoes on The Family Guy. It's clearly designed to deliver the ObamaCrat Regime's agenda into the consciousness of the People, kind of like a computer virus corrupting the system without one noticing. Before you know it, if you're not a careful person, you'll be brainwashed.