Sunday, October 25, 2009

Liberals Misled Public On Stimulus Spending, Data Prove

Story here.

The Liberals have produced several studies of different parts of the federal government's massive stimulus program. They have concluded that the spending heavily favours Tory ridings, especially cabinet ministers.

But the Conservatives counter that the Liberal number-crunching has too many omissions to be taken at face value. There are 30 stimulus programs in the works, they say, and the Liberals have analyzed only those that serve their purposes.

Since January, Conservative ridings in the province have received $403.9 million in major-projects funding from Ottawa, while Opposition ridings have landed almost double that amount, at $753.9 million.

The distribution contrasts with funding under another program for recreational projects in Ontario. There, the skew favours Tory ridings, although the Tories dispute Liberal figures on the degree of the bias.
Ah. Liberals are picking and choosing data that suits their partisan attack purposes, being disingenuous.

As usual.

No wonder people derisively refer to them as the LIEberals.