Friday, October 30, 2009

Just Like George Costanza?

Above, the TV George Costanza, wearing prescription swim goggles and eating an onion.

Below, left, the real "George Costanza", Larry David, Seinfeld creator, wearing sweatpants. In Public.

The guy with his pants down is Steve Martin in The Jerk. That pic just seemed appropriate for this post.

Like the guy on the right, Larry David is being a jerk.
Perhaps he actually believes he's George Costanza, who's a jerk, too?
And what's with the sweatpants? What'd Jerry say about wearing 'em in public?
Sheesh. He kinda looks like me, y'know, bald with glasses. Except he's older. And taller. And ooglier.
And how come his hand is behind his ass? Got an itch? the "real" "George Costanza", Larry David, creator of Seinfeld and who plays himself in Curb Your Enthusiasm.

I'll say up front, unashamedly, that I'm a big fan of Seinfeld. I must've watched each and every episode of that show like at least three times each. I'm so programmed with Seinfeld trivia that pretty much everything makes me think of Seinfeld. It's a mental disorder, I guess. Pobody's Nerfect, y'know...

I also watched Curb Your Enthusiasm a few times and found it even more hilarious than Seinfeld. In fact, it makes Seinfeld seem only mildly amusing in comparison.


Going peepee on a picture of Jesus?!

In a recent Curb Your Enthusiasm episode, Larry David accidentally urinates on a picture of Jesus while he is a guest in someone else’s home. This, in turn, leads to a misunderstanding in which the homeowners think they have a miraculously weeping Jesus.

Some Christians are understandably upset.

Just some thoughts on what this episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm has revealed:

Are producers of this show, or Larry David, or anyone else connected to it fearing for their lives right now? Are there Christian groups calling for the death of anyone in connection to this episode?

Well, nope. Nothing to worry about, Larry. We won't wage jihad against you, won't chop off any part of your anatomy or anything. Relax, dude. We Jesus People aren't anything like that at all.

But, like the article points out, you haven't gone peepee on a picture of Mohammed or on the Koran on your show.

HBO has come to the defense of the episode, saying that it is all about parody. Everyone needs to lighten up. So, if Larry David urinated on the Koran, would HBO tell everyone they need to lighten up because it is parody? What does it say that we know for a fact that the latter would simply never happen?

Tell me, why not? Hmm?