Friday, October 30, 2009

NJ School Refuses To Provide Lyrics To Imposed Obama Song

WTF?! What are they hiding? had filed an open records request seeking copies of materials provided to parents of New Jersey second-graders who performed a controversial song praising President Obama filed an open records request Oct. 19 seeking copies of materials provided to parents of students at B. Bernice Young Elementary School prior to the song's performance at the assembly in February. The song sparked a national controversy when someone posted to YouTube a video of the students performing it again, on March 23, when author Charisse Carney-Nunes visited the school in recognition of Women's History Month.

The video violated school policy, and some parents were angered that their children were recorded without their permission. Others have lambasted the school administrators for the video's message, which they say amounts to indoctrination, though other parents disagree that there was anything underhanded about the song.

Superintendent Christopher Manno, in defending the performance of the song, has said that the teacher sent the lyrics home to parents in advance, but the lyrics were nowhere in the documents released Friday to
Why hide the lyrics?

Why force students to sing a song praising a current political leader?

Ok then. When Sarah Palin is President, the Left better not complain if some schools force the kids to sing songs praising Sarah.

Much better to read the Bible to kids in class. That's what they did in my (public school, believe it or not!) classes circa 1980. Much better than political songs! Besides, Jesus is very good, whereas most politicians are horses' asses!

I say, if some people have a problem with the Bible being read to kids, with having the kids sing Christmas songs derived from the Bible, then I have a problem with schools making kids sing political-praise songs. Let me tell you, kids are programmable. Much better to program them with messages of being good to one's fellow people than of worshipping The Exalted Obama, a mere mortal who's proven to be a liar, a destroyer of America and an arrogant, narcississtic, uncompassionate ogre, as far as I'm concerned. He doesn't deserve such incredible praise.

Any parents from the school in question, if you still have the document with the lyrics, send them to FOX News. Why should the school not let FOX know what they say? All FOX will do is let the People know, report what the songs said, and let the People decide for themselves. What could be wrong with that?

Perhaps the lyrics were never sent to the parents. One parent says they weren't.

Hmm... interesting story. Hope FOX digs deeper. Never know what might be uncovered.

That's why the Extreme Left hates FOX. Because FOX isn't submissive, isn't a useful idiot, nor a fellow traveller, and refuses to imbibe in the mind-numbing koolaid being pushed at them. FOX is inconvenient to their agenda and threatens to derail it. That's why they've been engaged in a massive jihad against FOX, smearing it with lies, defamatory accusations, etc.

The only real news organization out there is FOX News. The others are just... Astroturf who act as Obama's propagandists.