Thursday, October 22, 2009

TS: Ignatieff Wrong Re Arar

You know Iffy's leadership is in the pooper when all the Liberal Media is dumping all over him all the time.

Yesterday we saw the Globe and Mail and the CBC dump on him.

Now the Toronto Star fact-checks him. Rarely does the Liberal Media fact-check Liberals. Then again, we're talking about Michael Ignatieff.

Ignatieff made the erroneous statement in an interview published in September in The Observer while clarifying his stand against torture. He has had to defend himself against persistent accusations, often made by Conservative opponents, that he supports "torture-lite" based on his previous writings on the subject.

"Canada sent Maher Arar (a Canadian engineer) to Syria, and a court found that he had been subjected to extraordinary rendition, that his claims (of torture) were true and that he had delivered no intelligence to anybody. It was a disgrace. So, we don't do it. Ever. Period. Off the table. We don't get other people to do our dirty work for us, and we don't do dirty work ever."

Arar was sent to Syria by the United States in late 2002 after he was detained while in transit to Canada through JFK Airport in New York.

Contrary to what Ignatieff said, no court has made findings of fact in Arar's case.

I'd like to fact-check the TS as well. They state, as if proven fact, that Maher Arar was tortured.

What evidence is there to support this? Somebody's say-so? An "inquiry" "found" that torture took place? Like, what was the evidence?

How come the Liberal Media says Canadian William Sampson was "allegedly" or "claims to have been" tortured by his Saudi captors, but they'll always say that Arar was tortured? Is it because of the fact that Mr. Sampson is white and not a Muslim, therefore the Left doesn't care about him? How about having an inquiry to declare that Mr. Sampson was tortured and deserves compensation of millions of dollars, too?

After all, there's a lot more reason to believe that Sampson was tortured, compared to the lack of evidence that it happened to Arar, who has been fingered by an Al Qaeda member, captured terrorist Omar Khadr, as having associated with Al Qaeda.

Why would Syria, an Islamic terrorist state, torture one of its own kind? It doesn't make sense!

Anyway, Iffy doesn't know what he's talking about. Probably just repeating what Warren Kinsella told him to say. Probably. Just like their idol Obama just repeats what the teleprompter tells him to say.