Friday, October 16, 2009

The Chomster Goes Batty, Sees Nazis Everywhere

Noam Chomsky, left, and Hassan Nasrallah of Hezbollah: Comrades in Jew-hatred

(...) "a deep disregard of, and contempt for, the truth; a monumental disdain for standards of inquiry; a relentless strain of self-promotion; notable descents into incoherence; and a penchant for verbally abusing those who disagree with him."
In short, this guy's as nasty-leftist as they get. A Big Liar.

I'm surprised he hasn't been appointed by Obama to something, like, say, Reich Minister of Propaganda. Or Czar of Fancy Bullshit.

Kind of hypocritical, going around calling those who stand with the world's Jews and with Israel "Nazis", when he himself is a self-loathing Jew-by-birth who apparently hates Israel.

Yep. The Professor of Cunning Linguistics is at it again, making a fool of himself.

This nutcase actually thinks that conservatives are "Nazis" to worry about, and not the Israel-hating Obamacrat Reich. Clearly he's either deluded or is the Goebbels of the Obamacrat Reich.

I've no idea what the hell he's talking about. He makes no sense, explains nothing. He merely alludes to this, to that, and leaves it there.

Sounds like a drive-by smear against everyone who dissents from the Agenda of the Reich to which the Chomster apparently has pledged allegiance.

Who can take this guy seriously, when he's famous for claiming that the "right-wing" media "manufactures consent", whilst ignoring the Big Leftist Media Who Protects and Promotes Obama and Leftism?

You know, I think the Chomster is projecting his own faults...

Look who's reading Chomsky!

Hmm... Chomster reminds me of a certain prolific blog troller, who enters from stage left...

Oh, yeah, and Chomster does make me think, too, of another far-left propagandist who also sees Nazis everywhere, particularly in public bathroom stalls...

If these leftist clowns weren't so sad and annoying, they'd make us laugh til we fall down...

You know, I used to have an economics professor (a communist if ever there was one) who once brought the Chomster to campus. Saw 'em strolling thru the hallway cackling (really... cackling!). I just checked on my old prof. in the Google Images gallery and noticed that he's doing the combover now (he didn't do it back then), obviously copying the Chomster's hairstyle, if one can call it a "style". I swear, the guy's the spitting image of the Chomster!