Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Grand Chief Blasts Liberals' 'Offensive' Mailout

Raaaaaacists! Liberal shame!

Story here.

ht: Orville H.

"From the beginning I have said the crisis has been about people, not politics," Ron Evans, grand chief of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs told MPs today at the Commons health committee studying preparedness for the H1N1 influenza pandemic. "(Our children were) used as props in political theatre."

Evans held up a black-and-white photocopy of a pamphlet distributed by the Liberal Party of Canada with the headline "No vaccines, just body bags."


Evans said he was offended by the pamphlet, which includes photos of the body bags and a crying child, because it was politicizing an issue he thought should be non-partisan.

He also said that after Health Canada issued its report the community had wanted to move forward and felt this was raising the issue needlessly all over again.

But raise it needlessly all over again, the Liberals did. Because they thought it might help them smear the Conservatives as "racists", which they're always trying to do.

Hmm... Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett's name is on the pamphlet.

I recall that she, as a Liberal government MP, voted against compensation for victims of the tainted-blood scandal who had contracted Hepatitis-C. Of course, she was whipped into doing so, whipped so hard that she literally cried. Worthy of mention is the fact that Peter Donolo, leader Ignatieff's new Chief of Staff, was a key player in the Chretien Liberal government back then, as was Warren Kinsella, who's also back with the Liberals and contributing to their reprehensible and clownish antics of late, not to mention their horrible showing in the latest polls.