Saturday, October 17, 2009

'Cult' Of Stephen?

"Grits Howl About Cult of Stephen".

Now, that's funny!

I didn't know that our Conservative Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, had a "cult" following.

Obama, definitely, but Harper? Oh, come on!

There's obviously a "cult of Obama". There's a "cult of Bill Clinton".

And there was definitely a "cult of Trudeau", as there probably will be again, once Little, Sparkly-Eyed, Pretty-Girly-Boy Justin steps into the spotlight following the exit-stage-right of Iffy.

So I find if laughable that the Liberals are going around claiming that there's a "Cult of Stephen".

Sooooo funny!

Stephen Harper? A "cult following"? But how? The guy's infamously wooden, ferfecksake, right?

Gimme a break. Guys like Harper don't have a "cult" following. They have a following, sure, but it's a following based on credibility and on a record of good government and of standing up to difficult situations, dealing with them as best he can and surviving to continue doing the job. That's the kind of following Harper has built, and it's evidenced in the polls lately.

The Liberals are insanely jealous at Harper's slow, steady, well-earned and -deserved rise in popularity, public respect and trust. So they throw their poopers and whine that he's some sort of cultist forcing folks to drink koolaid or something...

Those Liberals... so hilarious!

Look, don't y'all think it's possible that actually Stephen Harper, having been in the public eye for so long, under constant, even hostile, scrutiny all the time, and still, despite all enemy kitchen-sink-included efforts to demonize him as "scary" and stuff, nevertheless has gained the respect, trust, and, yes, liking, of the People?

Well, how can anyone possibly not like a guy like this?

And like this?

Not to mention like this?

Besides, so what if there' a link to a pic of Harper playing the Piano? Maybe someone who likes the picture was a little naughty and linked to the picture just for fun. Oh, yeah, that proves a vast, right-wing conspiracy to turn Canadians into Harper-worshipping zombies, as we see millions have been turned into Obama-worshipping zombies, in America and even in Canada (Liberals and other Leftists, and perhaps even Harper himself, please look into the mirror and note Obama's face reflected in your pupils and give your head a shake!).

In Obamerica, everything links to Obama and his agenda, as well as all those gosh-darned George Soros-funded far-left propaganda/activist/intimidation groups (such as the illegal-alien-child-prostitute-postitive ACORN), and do the Liberals and other Leftists complain about any of that? No!

So come on, don't be such screaming-mad ideologues and partisans and be fair and balanced and go after Obama first, for that guy's the cult leader, for sure!

How come it's ok for Obama to be a cult figure, but not for Harper to even be thusly perceived by paranoid, conspiracy-theorizing Liberal loons?

Perhaps it's 'cause Liberals are racists? Just wondering out loud...

Oh, and don't forget that you can buy the inconvenient movie Al Gore and the IPCC don't want you to see...

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