Saturday, October 17, 2009

Arnold The Indoctrinator


What's the matter with Arnie these days?

Steroids caused delayed insanity?
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed a bill authorizing curriculum that teaches children embryonic stem-cell research heals -- when in fact it doesn't.

Randy Thomasson of tells OneNewsNow that $3 billion approved in 2004 by voters for the research has produced no effective treatments for diseases and other medical conditions.

"All the trials have shown that human embryonic stem cells cause tumors and cancer in patients and tissue rejection," he says, quickly asking: "Where's the real success? It's in adult and cord blood stem cells. Over 73 effective treatments, and that's the direction to go."


Thomasson urges parents to take decisive action on behalf of their children, especially in light of the governor's recent signing of another bill that calls for schools to honor radical homosexual activist Harvey Milk annually. Appropriate parental action, he says, includes taking youngsters out of public school, homeschooling them, or placing them in private institutions of learning.
Apparently Arnie's a puppet of someone. Wonder who?