Sunday, October 18, 2009

Obamacare Unconstitutional: Experts

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Read it all. This is just a little taste. You'll want especially to read how, ironically, Roe vs. Wade will probably kill the bill in court challenge. After all, Roe vs. Wade said that the state cannot forbid any medical procedure, right? But watch the Obamacrats pretend it doesn't apply beyond infanticide.

Well, those Obamacrats, what do they care about the Constitution? They're literally ignoring it a their convenience. Hell, they're even ignoring the legislation itself, steadfastly refusing to read the damn thing, so they don't even have to deliberately ignore the Constitution anyway! They're just plain ignorant about EVERYTHING!

Hell, the apparently-Kenyan-born feller is still in the White House, unconstitutionally. Not that the Obamacrats, nor some folks (hi, Ann!) who know better but have fallen victim to the intimidation and propaganda coming from the White House Bully Pulpit, care.
Constitutional challenges could arise on several fronts: the government's power to regulate interstate commerce; privacy concerns related to doctor-patient interactions that have their origins in Roe v. Wade; constitutional restrictions on the federal government's authority to levy taxes; and the plan’s numerous clauses promoting racial preferences.

Told you... the Party of the Ku Klux Klan (Democratic Party) is still racist!
Andrew P. Napolitano, the former New Jersey Superior Court judge and senior judicial analyst at the Fox News Channel, calls ObamaCare "unconstitutional at its core."

Hans Bader, senior counsel for special projects at the Competitive Enterprise Institute think tank, tells Newsmax it is probable that at least some provisions in the evolving legislation will eventually be nixed.

Bader adds courts could also invalidate the entire bill.

GOP Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, recently echoed Bader's concerns with NewsmaxTV, saying in an exclusive interview that reform marks "the first time in the 225-year history of our country" that the federal government has ordered its citizens to make a purchase – in this case, healthcare coverage under the individual mandate. Citizens who opt not to obtain coverage face tax penalties.

Grassley adds, "I don't think we've ever had this issue before of having to buy something. And a lot of constitutional lawyers are saying it is unconstitutional, or at least a violation of the 10th Amendment. Maybe states can do this -- but can the federal government do it? I have my doubts."