Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Far-Left Crackpot Mob Disrupts Parliament

These folks get plenty of Big Media coverage for their antics.

Unlike the American Tea Party folks, who, in contrast, when they're not being ignored altogether, get smeared by immature "news" people in the Big Media.

If anyone deserves to be mocked and ridiculed, it's the brainwashed, far-left enviro-fascists. They're the real teabaggers, the real extremists. They're the real mob. C'mon, Big Media dummies- be fair! Either ignore 'em or make fun of 'em with crude sexual inuuendoes, etc!

Oh, and they're also "Astroturf". They're NOT ordinary, concerned Canadians at all. They're NOT grassroots.

See their community organizer, who's a NDP operative:

Nevertheless, the Big Media gives these hyper-partisan, hyper-ideological extremists, cranks, crackpots, teabaggers, racists, Nazis, mobsters, (add your own convenient smear words here)... a respectful platform for the dissemination of their hateful, racist, subversive views! WTF!!!

Oh, yes, I'm drippin' with sarcasm. Can't help it. That effin' Big Media again proves its biases. They ignored the anti-Obammunism protests in America, even slurred and smeared them with lies, but they'll treat the above-noted extremist lunatics with respect and donate their broadcast time to them to propagate their horseshit message.