Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More About The Astroturf Flash Mob

Now, these folks are "Astroturf", no doubt.

They're definitely NOT ordinary grassroots Canadians.

They were sent by their community organizer, an NDP Party operative.

And one of them faked a nosebleed for TV.

The protester in question, Jeh Custer, was interviewed on the CBC at 5:15 PM EST. Blood was smeared on his face. He and his fellow interviewees took pains to describe how Custer's face was smashed into a wall, and dragged across it, smearing blood everywhere. Yes, indeed, it must have been a forceful impact if his face was still bloody three hours after the event in question.

Except...hmmm. Looking a bit fishy now. It seems that a CBC camera crew caught footage of Mr. Custer as he walked out of Parliament, and...would you look at that?! There's no blood on his face, nor is he holding any bandages to his skin.

They'll lie about the whole climate-change thing.

Of course they'll lie about getting their nose bloodied by law enforcement personnel.

Hmm... hey, are they with ACORN-Canada?

Bloody left-wing extremist, teabagging climate-changers, eh!