Thursday, October 22, 2009

Shame! Party Fundraising On Liberal MPs' Websites!

Above: Another Liberal hypocrite caught with his pants down.
What a jerk!

These are the guys complaining about simple Conservative logos on big, giant, funny "cheques" used in those traditional photo-ops politicians of all stripes have always done.

Again we see the infamous Liberal arrogance and double standard practitioning.

It's only a bad thing when non-Liberals/non-"progressives" do it. But of course. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a teabagging raaaaacist right-wing extremist terrorist mobster!

Oh! Librano$ del mal! (That's Spanish and means "liberate us from evil", just in case you thought it was French and meant "Liberals of badness" or something like that).

In a statement, Conservative MP Greg Rickford accused the 18 MPs of "attempting to raise money using their online parliamentary offices."

"The Liberal party should not be using their online offices offering constituent services to further their private or partisan interests, or the interests of their party or riding association," he said.

The website of Liberal MP Bob Rae, for example, contains a "donate" link with a photo of three $20 bills. Clicking the link leads to instructions for how to donate to either the Liberal party or Rae's Toronto Centre riding association.

Rickford argues that such practices violate the House of Commons code of conduct for MPs, which states that "when performing parliamentary duties and functions, a member shall not act in any way to further his or her private interests."

Caught with their own pants down... while accusing the Tories of having theirs down!

Typical Liberals.