Sunday, October 18, 2009

Desperate CAIR Makes Defamatory Islamophobia Allegations

Is this man "Islamophobic"? The deceptive Islamic supremacist group CAIR claims he is, but offers zero, zip, zilch evidence.

The reality is that he is Islamofascistophobic, ie. he rightly, as do all sane folks, fears Islamofascists like those in the CAIR, and isn't fooled by their business suits and clean-cut appearance, nor by their fancy propaganda.

Story here.
In its attempt to discredit a press conference last week by four members of Congress publicizing incriminating findings in the new book "Muslim Mafia," the Council on American-Islamic Relations fired off a fax to the lawmakers that alleged co-author P. David Gaubatz was an anti-Muslim bigot associated with a racist organization.

Gaubatz's defenders note that not only does CAIR have a history of distorting or fabricating quotes ascribed to Gaubatz, but that the former Air Force special agent and veteran of Middle East service is anything but an "Islamophobe."

In fact, they argue, he has put his life on the line for Muslims – most notably in his leadership of the daring rescue of the family of the Muslim Iraqi lawyer who saved the life of Army Pfc. Jessica Lynch in 2003.

Gaubatz continues to have a close relationship with the extended family of Mohammed al-Rehaief, who say they owe their life to Gaubatz and consider him part of their family. Rehaief's brother, in fact, named a son after Gaubatz.

If anyone's phobic (kufrphobic) and bigoted, it's the CAIR. Why haven't they been shut down by police? WTF?! The police would surely shut down a white supremacist/neo-Nazi/skinhead group if it reached even a tiny fraction of the level of power and influence as has the CAIR!