Wednesday, October 28, 2009

ACORN Soliciting $$ From Federal Employees


How on earth is it that an extremist political-ideological intimidation/propaganda/child-prostitution/vote fraud group is allowed to solicit donations from federal employees?

Never mind that the donations don't end up in ACORN's own coffers, but go to other charities (who knows if any of them are yet other far-left groups masquerading as "helpful to people", and who knows whether any of them are in any way linked to ACORN?). The very fact that ACORN is allowed to do this is obscene and intolerable.

If I was an American federal employee, I'd be offended and alarmed by this.

After all, the terrible, criminal, extremist nature of ACORN is clear. Which makes it offensive and intolerable that anything having anything to do with ACORN is treated as if they're "ok".