Monday, October 19, 2009

Liberals, Other Leftists Just Being Petty, Whiny

What's wrong with doorknob replacement?

Silly leftists!

The sillier and sillier their complaints become, the more you know that they've got nothing much to complain about anyway.

And this means that the government is doing pretty well, actually.

Of course, perfection will never be achieved by any government, ever.

But to whine and bitch that doorknobs are being replaced, well, really, the Opposition is just being silly.

After all, it was the Opposition who made the government blow the billions of dollars in "stimulus" funds in the first place.

The Opposition never, never said what they thought it should be spent on. Now they tell us that it's not supposed to be spent on the upgrading of entrance systems of a federal building in PEI. Ok, but, hey, y'all could've said that before!

Besides, look at what their hero, Obama, is blowing the Americans' money on. Nothing more interesting than doorknobs, that's for sure!