Saturday, October 31, 2009

Literary Treat: Dennis Miller

Dennis Miller: Yet another Hollywooder who is NOT a "progressive" ideological-political whore

I seriously doubt we'll ever witness Dennis Miller insanely bash Sarah Palin as do many of his far-less-intelligent Hollywood brethren.

You also won't hear him speak of Obama as if the guy was some kind of deity or rock star, either.

I remember the first time I landed upon, whilst surfacing the boob tube for something worth watching, this guy. He was verbally ripping Osama bin Laden several "new ones", in a manner not hitherto observed coming from the "progressive", brainless fringe of financially-desperate, unethical ideological-political whores in Hollywood.

Today I land upon Dennis Miller whilst surfing the internet and delight at his writing prowess as he rips Barack Hussein Obama a bunch of new, stinky ones. Get it? First Osama, then Obama. Hee-hee!

Enjoy Dennis Miller's writing here!

No trick... here's a little excerpt treat...
In his rush to humble America in the eyes of the world, he strives to placate every mook coming down the midway with a bullied nation in their hip pocket and in turn supplant them in the villain column with a national news agency whose most egregious error would appear to be not swooning every time he opens his "wiser than thou" piehole to speak in encyclical.

What's wrong with this picture? The waiting room outside Dr. Obama's Snake Oil Emporium is populated by the likes of General McChrystal, the Dalai Lama and Fox News, meanwhile Kadaffi, Chavez and Aqua-velvajad are walking around backstage with All-Access laminates. Not since Lana Turner hooked up with Johnny Stompanato has a great star exhibited such poor taste in men.

Yup. Good stuff! Dennis Miller, folks... telling it like it is about Pseudo-President B.H. Poopybama!

Hey, if it's ok for the Obamites to say infantile crap about G.W. Bush and Sarah Palin, then it's ok to say silly stuff about the current pseudo-POTUS, too, so...

Besides, the amateur comedian in me was a bit overzealous, trying to be a bit like the comedian Dennis Miller is also known for being.

ht: Big Hollywood