Friday, October 23, 2009

Journalist Exposes Own Bias In Moonbatty Email Response

Story here.

Sheesh. John Guerra of Key News in Florida sounds no different from a hostile far-left troll on a conservative blog's comments section.

When in front of a camera, they act like grownups, but when they think they won't be caught, their true mentality and biases become apparent.

Journalist John is obviously brainwashed by the Left.

He calls the Republicans "mentally ill". Oh, dear... another act of projection by another Leftist.

He asserts that America "needs" Obama's policies. Hoo-boy. Another neo-commie Big Media minion.

He's a crackpot of a conspiracy theorist, accusing "you right wing nuts" of plotting to assassinate Obama. Hey, Johnny, do you have any evidence of this? If you do, better give it to the Secret Service.

And he has the nerve to bash FOX News? Accusing FOX News of "spewing hatred"?

Like, look who's talking, eh!

Talk about projecting one's own faults. Those arrogant, brainwashed "progressives" do it all the time, and John Guerra is no exception.

Guy needs intensive psychiatric couch therapy.