Monday, October 19, 2009

More UN Nonsense, Insanity, Propaganda


Why don't they just admit that they're rendering a personal opinion, a philosophy?

Like they're doing most of the time, anyway.

Gender is "changeable"?

Yeah, right. Cut this off, add this on. Got a dick? Tell yourself you're female. Got a pussy? Tell yourself you're a dude. Believe whatever you wish.

"Social construct"? Nope. It's about dicks and pussies, stupid!

Why not admit that "sexual orientation" is changeable, not static? It's obvious, and empirically demonstrated, and only the ignorant and/or delusionally ideological will deny the undeniable, inconvenient-to-some, truth. Folks go from one "orientation" to another, both ways. It's one way, straight-to-gay, that gets reported and celebrated, while the other way, gay-to-straight, gets denied and ignored, for political correctness and propaganda reasons.

How many folks are aware that Ann Heche converted from lesbian to straight? It was pretty much ignored, not celebrated. But if she had gone the opposite way, it'd be as big a deal all day, every day, as the infamous Balloon Boy non-story...