Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Liberals Unveil Their Pink Book

I didn't make this up. See for yourself:

An emasculate Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff, some lady Lib MPs and the just-released Liberal Pink Book on "womens' issues". Isn't this lovely? The Liberal Party is going to tell Canadian women what their issues are, rather than letting them decide for themselves! I guarantee the Party never consulted with ordinary Canadian Women and most likely only got their ideas from far-left, fringe element "womens' groups" whose real agenda is pretty much the same as Obama's socialist agenda.
See, I told you... they've gone further to the left than ever!

Story here.

ht: Maz2

This is very, very bad. In the post I just did before this one, the Globe and Mail ridiculed the Liberals' latest behavior.

Now even the CBC(!!!) is piling on them!

And they mention, also... *drum roll*... yep, Warren Kinsella.

What the bloody 'ell is wrong with Warren Kinsella now? Don't tell me he's contributing to the Pink Book's talking points, too!

Seems like he's everywhere. He's the Man Behind the Curtain wherever Liberals are making fools of themselves with embarrassing photo ops. Doorknobs and Pink Books... oh, my! The Loon-a-tic is ready for commission! Quick, get the straitjacket and tranq darts! This is even worse than when he played with his little purple friend on national TV to mock a Pentecostal's convictions.

A Pink Book? Come on! If I was a lady, I'd find it embarrassing and offensive, being associated with all those pinko commies, Code Pink, etc.

They might as well have put flowers and lace on the book cover. Sure, why not? Flowers and lace are definitely much more feminine than masculine, after all... Hell, better spray a whole lotta perfume on it, too!

Next thing you know, they'll have a special propaganda book about mens' issues. Wonder what color that'd be? Beer-colored? Would it be beer-shaped? Hot-babe-shaped? 4X4 truck-shaped? Hell, it'd probably be big, hairy and stinky and make gross, funny noises...

Of course, there'll also have to be a rainbow-colored book. And a green book with Arabic script and a couple of swords on it... Gotta pander to those other most-important Liberal voting blocs, too...

Apparently the two events, with the doorknob and the Pink Book, happened simultaneously, and thus everything got screwed up, adding self-insult to self-injury. They can't run a couple of photo-ops, can't coordinate the timing, etc...

And these people want us to believe they could run Canada?

They're nuts, I tell y'all... nuts!

And... doesn't Michael look pretty?

Below: Michael and other Liberals (apparently P.E. Trudeau worshippers) showing their true colors?

Or just cynically pandering, with a forced grin (grimace?) to another major Liberal voting bloc?