Saturday, October 03, 2009

Liberals Continue Complaining About Iffy Iggy

...just as they complained about pretty much all Liberal leaders in recent memory, particularly Dion.

Story here.

ht: NNW

"Why do we need to appoint people who think it is their Godgiven right to give out political appointments?"


"There is absolutely no reason why the Quebec wing of the party should have a lieutenant that cherry picks candidates. People should chose," said one Liberal MP from outside Quebec. "The leader should have no say."


"What happened in Outremont is indicative of a much larger problem -- that members of the party have once again had their right (to select their own candidates) taken away from them,"


Every riding association should have an open nomination meeting and Liberal members should chose their candidate, said Harry Keilly, the Liberal riding association president in Malpeque, P. E. I. Without a fair contest, disputes aren't resolved, members don't feel they've had their say and are less willing to donate or door-knock, he said.

Instead, the Party thinks it's more important to appoint token women just so they can say "Hey, look! We got more women than the other guys! Therefore more women will vote for us than for the other guys, just 'cause of that!"

See? Even Liberals acknowledge that their Party takes peoples' rights away!

Whose rights will the Liberal Party take away next? Yours?