Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Liberal Hypocrisy On Another Issue

Just listen to the Liberals try to score political points by trying to milk a story for its racial and Islamic undertones, in yet another cynical attempt to subtly throw the "intolerant" smear at the Conservatives.

The Liberals have no leg to stand on, actually.

What did they do to save William Sampson from wrongful imprisonment and continuous torture at the hands of the evil Saudi Islamic Supremacists?

Now, the case of a woman who was merely detained for a little while in Kenya due to a simple mistake, that case isn't anywhere near the William Sampson case in magnitude and seriousness, and the Liberals ought to shut up unless they want to open themselves to questions regarding their do-nothing approach to the Sampson case.

This hypocrisy also demonstrates the problem with Liberal Leader Michael "Iffy" Ignatieff. He was out of the country for over three decades, and obviously missed the story of William Sampson and the Liberals' mean-spirited, dhimmi do-nothing approach to the case. Iffy knows nothing, obviously, about the Liberal Party's shameful recent-past actions and inactions.

The Mohamud case is being blown far out of proportion, obviously. It's being used as a political-smear stick with which to bludgeon the Conservatives, even though they didn't do anything wrong.

Can you believe that Mohamud? Suing for twenty-something million over a mere delay in getting home?

If she deserves twenty-something million, then I'd say William Sampson deserves a billion, though no amount of money can right the Liberals' inhuman, hateful wrong committed against Mr. Sampson!

Besides, William Sampson is a man, white, and not a Muslim. So why would the Liberals care about him? They obviously see no value in Mr. Sampson, but they see value in using a black Muslim woman for partisan political purposes. If anyone's racist, sexist and Islam-obsessed, it's the Liberal Party!