Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Challenging 'Anti-Capitalist' Michael Moore

Windbag Michael Moore puts a pizza (one of many, obviously) where his mouth is put his money where his mouth is.

And redistribute it.

Yeah, Mikey baby, give most of it away to others, and keep just a little tiny bit for yourself! Forget about the materialism, the consumerism, and go for righteous minimalism!

You know he won't.

Those neo-communists, they're the sort who are all, "do as I say, not as I do", like the redistributionist Obamas, who are millionaires, too. And who say that they oppose war... but only when a Republican is President (of course, they oppose everything when a Republican's the President).

Besides, why believe Michael Moore? He's all mouth and no action. I remember doing a post about a blog post of his in which he swore that if the Democrats didn't force the pullout of troops from Iraq, he'd go after them harder than he went after Bush and the Republicans. Well, he didn't, and chose to attack capitalism instead.

I suspect that he's a big, fat, capitalistic fraud who makes money spewing the sort of garbage the brainless far left wants to hear and see.

When asked how come he's supposedly "anti-capitalism" whilst luxing away on the fruits thereof, he's like...

“It’s, like, you know, sometimes people, even people who have actually had the good fortune and blessings in life to not have to struggle with worrying about their health care, whether or not it’s going to be here tomorrow or the next week - sometimes those people actually are willing to take great risks and create sacrifices for themselves, in the hopes that others will have it just as well.”

Huh? How is this a defence of his blatant hypocrisy? He's just spewing meaningless gobbleddygook.

Oh, yes. Now we are getting to Moore’s psychosis. He has what I would term a celebrity martyr’s complex. He has convinced himself he has sacrificed so much by pushing his leftist agenda when in actuality he hasn’t sacrificed a damn thing. His supposed “sacrifices” are what has made him very rich. Moore’s self-righteous drivel is either an act or pure delusion.
The fact of the matter is that Moore’s movie and interviews are often simply incomprehensible. When pressed to define what a “democratic” economic system actually means, Moore can’t really explain it because he made it up. It would be easier if he just came out and told the truth that he wants socialism.

Not sure, however, if he wants socialism. Unless he knows that, as one of the untouchable ruling elites, he'd be protected from having his money and stuff confiscated, like the fat-cat Communist Party members in Communist totalitarian states, with their limousines, dachas in the country and sex slaves.

Moore is as big a phony as there is in American life. His latest diatribe of a film should be ignored. But, alas, it won’t be. Instead, he will undoubtedly be given yet another Oscar from Hollywood, a community that has benefited greatly from the economic system Moore’s film rails against.

Yep. Those Hollyweird zombies, they're no better than Michael Moore.

C'mon, Mike... redistribute your wealth for the "greater good". Drop that pizza and do it!