Monday, June 01, 2009

Boycott GM Products If Govt Runs The Automaker

Would you buy a car from this man?
Me neither!

The idea of the state controlling the means of production isn't just Marxist nonsense, it's pure insanity in this day and age!

The government isn't capable of running a lean, mean automaker and making quality, reliable vehicles that people actually want to own and drive. After all, what does government ever get right? They're so inefficient, so wasteful. It'll just fleece the taxpayers further!

It's socialism, plain and simple!

It's stupid for the government, and the President, especially (he's got far more important stuff to do and has no business also running an automaker!), to make cars when there's no need for this to be so, as the private sector is already making cars. So what if some automakers collapse? That doesn't mean one has to nationalize General Motors! It doesn't!

Mitt Romney recommends that the government not own GM, but rather redistribute the shares amongst the People and ensure that the union's shares go to the members and not the leaders.

"We don't want a president and the head of the UAW running General Motors," Romney, a Michigan native and son of former Gov. George Romney, said in an appearance on "Fox News Sunday."

Romney suggested that the roughly 70 percent of GM that the government could own after it emerges from bankruptcy should be immediately distributed to taxpayers, and the 17.5 percent that will go to a UAW trust fund for retiree healthcare should be handed out to UAW members.


"I'm a son of Detroit. My dad was an auto executive," Romney said. "I drive American cars, I love American cars. My heart bleeds for the people in Michigan, in Detroit, for all those auto workers.

"This is a very sad circumstance for this country, and it represents bad decisions by management, overreaching by the UAW. It's really tragic in a lot of ways, and it has not been well-played either in my opinion by the Bush administration or the Obama administration."

Now, that's a better idea! Better than letting politicians and bureaucrats decide what kind of cars to build, what they'll look like, how they'll perform, etc.

Leave it to the folks who know how to do it already. They're still there and I'm sure they're more than willing to return to work, if currently out of it.

But let private-sector business folks run the company without government intervention.

If the government wants to help make it profitable, then it's got to do something about those greedy unions to stop them from striking just because they want to be rich, rich, rich.

And the auto executives, give them more power to fight unreasonable, excessive union demands.

Of course, I doubt the neocommunist Soros-Obama Regime will do any of this, because they want to have the state control the means of production, as required by communist dogma.

And this they'd do, even though there's no need whatsoever for this! It's stupid and insane! It's a waste of taxpayer money!

And Hugh Hewitt weighs in, advising us not to buy socialist cars.

Yes, it can build amazing armies and the weapons and technologies to support them, but only at extraordinary cost and only with often dismaying waste. We pay these prices because we absolutely need the incredible effectiveness of our military that results from the enormous investment of resources. We also recognize the sacrificial spirit of the men and women in uniform who serve in the military. They aren't in it for their jobs or the health benefits.

But a government -run car company is a very unnecessary, indeed a deeply dismaying prospect. And not primarily because it won't make good cars at competitive prices, though almost certainly neither the new GM or the new Chrysler will do so. History tells us these ventures are highly unlikely to succeed.


Any American who values their traditions of free enterprise and political freedom will urge the federal government to disinvest itself from these companies immediately. The federal government can quickly put its controlling stake in the companies on the market and do so at whatever price makes the market.

New, private sector leadership can then decide how best to proceed in the new world of rising government mandates on gas mileage and hybrid design. The billions sunk into these companies will only be partially recovered by a quick reconversion of the government's ownership into private stock, but so, too, will the bleeding of tax dollars end and, more important, so will the experiment with American socialism.

We don't want the sort of crap as seen below!

People must make it clear that they won't buy national socialist "Peoples' Cars".
Next thing you know, Obama will be deciding what we'll be allowed to drive.
Oh, wait...