Friday, June 12, 2009

New Miss Ca.: Marriage Hetero/Let Voters Decide

I wonder how long it will take the Extreme Left to get the message, if they ever drop their ideological stubbornness and get it.

When will the Extreme Left stop trying to abuse the power of the state apparatus and stop trying to impose this stuff and other stuff upon the People against their will?

In California, the voters have already decided. The Extreme Left must accept their decision and stop hairsplitting over imaginary legalities they think can override democracy.

Let it go, Extreme Left; don't be fascists. Don't be extremists. Don't impose the special ideology of some folks onto all other folks against their will.

I prefer a world in which people don't incessantly talk about "sexuality" and talk about more important stuff, instead, that doesn't get talked about enough.

And schools have no business imposing "sexuality" dogma upon children. No business. They're only there to teach the Three Rs, really, and must not be used as brainwashing/indoctrination factories for ideological extremists.