Saturday, June 13, 2009

Teacher Fired For Being Fair & Balanced Towards Obama

Tim Latham. See his students' supportive Facebook page here.
His students want him back.

Story here.

Apparently he was fired for no apparent reason other than he was conservative, not liberal, and for daring to "show two sides" to politicians and criticize as well as praise. That school apparently won't tolerate fair and balanced teachers who encourage students to look at the whole politician and not just the side the Old Media wants them to see.

I doubt they told him, when they hired him at that school, that he would be expected to be a brainless liberal and refrain from saying anything negative about liberal politicians. I also doubt that he was advised that he'd be required, as a condition of his employment, to broadcast Obama's Inauguration in class (he didn't broadcast Bush's, either, and no one complained then).

Gentry asked him about a "McCain-Palin" bumper sticker on his car.

"She said, 'I don't know how you could support that woman,'"

"That was the beginning of what was going on. They were trying to find a reason to get rid of me."


Mercer, a self-described liberal, said she hopes school officials revisit their decision. She's one of many current and former Lawrence High students supporting Latham on a Facebook page.

"It's really disappointing because he's a really good teacher," she said. "It doesn't seem fair. Why would they let a good teacher go?" (Emphasis mine- CS)

Indeed. WHY did they "let him go"? Why did they refuse to renew his teaching contract?

Is it ok to refuse to renew a contract (fire the guy, in another word) just because you don't like the person's political/ideological orientation? (If so, then it'll HAVE to be ok, also, to not renew the contracts of any teachers because it's not desirable to the school administration that they are, for example, "gay" or Muslim... or Obama worshippers... or gay Muslim Obama worshippers... I'm sure there's a bunch!).

Apparently the "educational" node of the far-left-wing-dominated-and-controlled state apparatus has no use for teachers who are fair and balanced, particularly if they're not going to brainlessly fawn over The Messiah and refrain from pointing out and discussing the "rain" as well as the "sunshine".

Apparently it's not ok to fire "gay" teachers for pushing homosexuality upon students (homosexual militant Delwin Vriend did that, and that's why he was fired from a Christian college which required, up front, that certain rules of Christian-related, on-college-grounds, on-the-job conduct be followed by all in the College), but it's ok to fire them for being conservative and fair and balanced, because fairness and balance, showing and discussing negatives as well as positives, is very damaging for liberal politicians and the liberal dogmatic ideology, for the liberal movement is founded on lying, cover-up, cheating, intimidation, double standards, imbalance and unfairness, which is why liberals are always trying to silence and punish dissent against their worldview.

The Left is doing the very thing they claim to hate: Being McCarthyist!

We conservatives are being blacklisted, fired, profiled by law enforcement just for being conservative and differing from the Obama Worldview. Blacklisted(!!!)

The other day, in fact, Obama fired the Inspector General for doing his job and investigating an Obama friend and supporter for wrongdoing and making him pay back monies he stole.

Next thing you know, you'll find yourself in a little room on a hard, uncomfortable chair, with a bright light being shone into your face, and have a nasty "progressive" interrogator screaming into your ear, "Are you now, or have you ever been a conservative?!"...

Don't expect the ACLU to come to this man's aid. The ACLU is too busy trying to eradicate any and all real or perceived evidence that there's such a thing as Christianity... just watch them get rid of crosses placed long ago in the middle of nowhere by Marine war veterans.

First erected on Sunrise Rock in 1934 by the Veterans of Foreign Wars in memory of the dead of all wars, the small remote symbol - hidden away in California’s Mojave Desert - finds itself at the center of an ideological war between the ACLU and a handful of military heroes.

The ACLU, or American Civil Liberties Union, succeeded in obtaining a ruling in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals holding that the familiar icon topping Sunrise Rock violated the doctrine of separation of church and state. The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case, Ken Salazar v. Frank Buono.

A lot of Marines will be following that case and the arguments laid down in a brief to the High Court by the Thomas Moore Law Center and its ally the Individual Rights Foundation. Meanwhile, the Sunrise Rock cross remains covered by a court ordered shroud - in case a passing hiker or off-road-vehicle enthusiast in this remote desert terrain might take offense.

Fallen Marine comrades have memorial plagues placed at the site of another cross long under assault by the ACLU - the cross at Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial. Should the Supreme Court affirm the Ninth Circuit’s ruling re the Sunrise Rock cross, the cross site at Mt. Soledad, which has been the subject of much litigation over the past twenty years, will be newly threatened as well.

The "progressive" movement is totally wacko. They're a terribly destructive force.