Monday, June 29, 2009

Racial Tensions Arise Within US Democrat Party

Well, we shouldn't be surprised, considering the reality of the Democrats' racist past.

The infighting. Oh, my. Wonder why this is happening?

Funny how the FOX News report fails to mention the Democrats' responsibility for the Ku Klux Klan, or the fact that there's a former KKKer currently sitting as a Democratic Senator.

Odd also that the FOX News report fails to mention that it's the Democrats' fault, the terrible Jim Crow segregation laws.

It's the Democrats' fault. This should be made clear to the American People and to the world.

Oh, and the failure of FOX News to make this clear, well this proves that when the Democrats accuse FOX of being dedicated to attacking the Democrats, the Democrats are plainly wrong.

Come on, FOX News, grow some balls and tell the truth, which is that the Democrats must admit their responsibility for slavery and segregation and must apologize for it, for their party's having made it happen and having fought to keep it happening.

As long as they continue to pretend they have no responsibility, they'll continue to have infighting problems.

Who knows how many racists are in the Democrat Party today? Hmm?

Hard to tell, as the Big Old Media, the Democrats' propaganda arm, certainly won't say!

It's sickening that the truth about the Democrats' awful racist heritage is being covered up, swept under the rug, hidden from light of day. Why is this the case?