Monday, June 15, 2009

Brownshirty ACORN Uses Violent Intimidation Again

Just the latest in a longstanding pattern of violent intimidation by ACORN, the far-left criminal organization infamous for its illegal tactics in voter fraud for the Obama Presidential campaign.

ALBANY - Protesters closely aligned with Democrats nearly knocked a Republican senator to the floor and spit in the face of his chief of staff.

Shades of the Sturmabteilung of Hitler, eh?

Story here.

The protesters were reportedly upset that two Democratic senators had decided to caucus with Republicans — a move that, when finalized by the state Senate, would hand Republicans control of that body. Majority Democrats have shut down the chamber to prevent the transfer of power.

So Democrats were upset. So... well, they have sort of a "storm section", as it were, much like Hitler's Sturmabteilung, to intimidate political opponents and protect their leaders.

It's called ACORN.

In 1995, for instance, ACORN attracted attention when about 500 of its activists stormed the Washington, D.C. Hilton, forcing then-House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Georgia) to cancel a speech he was to give to county commissioners. Demonstrators chanting “Nuke Newt!” grabbed the microphone in the hall and took over the head table. When the speech was cancelled, ACORN activists cheered.

Typical far-leftwing extremist tactic. Smacks of the incident at Concordia University, dubbed "Kristallnacht at Concordia", which was designed to prevent Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu from having an opportunity to deliver a speech. (Funny how ACORN didn't want to prevent Iranian tyrant Ahmadinejad from speaking at an American university, isn't it?). It also reminds me of the hard-left's tactics of making it extremely difficult for David Horowitz, also a Jew himself, to try to say what he had to say to raise awareness of the crisis of anti-Semitic hatred and Islamic supremacism during Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week.

Obviously the Left has a lot in common with the Nazis: Insanity, anti-Semitic hatred and violence. Come to think of it, the Left, the Nazis and the Islamofascists all share these bad qualities. And don't forget that they share these qualities also with "white" supremacist groups. Oh, yes, I consider the "white" supremacists to be Leftists, actually, as they also believe in socialism as well as bigoted oppression and tyranny. Differences notwithstanding, those hate groups, they have so much in common that they could very well form an Axis, for hatred of a common perceived enemy tends to bring otherwise mutually exclusive individuals and groups together, at least until that which unites them ends and they turn once again against one another.

Later that year, ACORN mobilized when a congressional panel began considering reforms to the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), which many blame for the subprime mortgage bubble and its subsequent collapse. Led by ACORN’s national president, the ever-confrontational Maude Hurd, the activists commandeered the microphone and chanted, “CRA has got to stay!” and “Banks for greed, not for need!” Arrests followed, and efforts to free the activists were led by ACORN allies Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Massachusetts) and Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-Massachusetts). The U.S. Capitol Police let the activists go only when Rep. Maxine Waters (D-California), exhibiting her characteristic defiance and political arrogance, showed up at the detention facility and threatened to stay put until the demonstrators were released.


Meanwhile, Pennsylvania state Rep. Stephen Barrar, a Republican, is circulating a petition calling on his state’s attorney general to investigate ACORN.

Obviously, ACORN must be shut down, brought to justice. They're clearly a criminally-organized hate group that uses violent tactics to subvert democracy and liberty in America. Of course, it won't be easy, as the state apparatus actually also tolerates neo-Nazis and other undesirables marching openly in public. But then again, if pro-life supporters can be brutally arrested for marching, then so can the ACORN, as well as the neo-Nazis. It's a matter of fairness: If the Leftist state apparatus is willing to (and actually does) persecute innocent, non-hateful, peaceful JudeoChristians for speaking out publicly in peacefully inconvenient ways, then surely the Leftist state apparatus can shut down the hate groups, the neo-Nazis, the CAIR and ACORN.

But Obama is perfectly OK with this group.